The Crystal Skulls: Not Alien Relics (What a Shocker)

It just kills me how, when certain people find an impressive work of craftsmanship or art that appears old they conclude it must be alien.  “I couldn’t have made anything like that, and no one I know could have, either. They must have an extraterrestrial origin!”  Good grief.

Here’s a recent article on the crystal skulls, now immortalized in the title of the new Indiana Jones movie. Sorry, Indy, they weren’t made by ETs.

And yes, I’m going to see the movie.

4 thoughts on “The Crystal Skulls: Not Alien Relics (What a Shocker)

  1. i just saw the Indian JOnes movie yesterday., and just let me say that is the same spielberg stuff again….. Aliens being the old ‘gods’…. it was not a shock but i find it very interesting that all most all sci fi movies are projecting to humans that we are created or linked to ‘aliens’…. they just keep on feeding this to every one…. the sad thing is that the majority will be believe it.

  2. Friends who have seen have told me about it. When I get to it I’ll be reviewing it.

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