Giant Human Skeleton? Nope, Just Photoshop

I’ve had some recent email about this picture.  Apparently there are still some who don’t know this was a hoax. The link shows the photos and how the hoax was put together. There are many other such links, too. Cool, actually.

Go here for the information.

11 thoughts on “Giant Human Skeleton? Nope, Just Photoshop

  1. Ah, I think I remember this one being trotted out by “Dr. Dino” Kent Hovind.

    I remember reading at the time that the “giant” stories of the Bible was an explanation for why people come across massive bones that belonged to what we now call dinosaurs.

    Given that we have yet (as far as I know) to find humanoid skeletal remains beyond the bounds of human physiology, I find myself on the fence.

  2. I’d like you to comment on the dinosaur bones angle as well. It is certainly not an unreasonable theory for all the stories of giants in the past, including the Bible. I lean towards believing your theories on Gen. 6, but I think this one should at least be considered. Also, I’ve been wondering about your thoughts on the time period for the events of Gen. 6, assuming that we can trust our present dating methods. When did it all happen exactly? And how do dinosaurs, and for that matter primitive man and man-like creatures (Neanderthals) figure into your view of Genesis 6?

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  4. this is a ancient indian people from ancient india. he was find in middle india.

    tha great arya …………the great hindu

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