Ezekiel’s Vision: Why it Wasn’t a Flying Saucer, Part 1

I’ve decided to post my old notes on Ezekiel’s vision, as I put the link into some comments earlier. As I noted in that comment, these notes are in need of revision.  I wouldn’t change much until the end, when the statuary about the eyes in Ezekiel comes up. In the six years that have passed since I posted this on my old Sitchin site, I’ve come to believe that the eyes (critically, on the WHEELS) of Ezekiel’s vision are constellations, specifically those in the zodiac. I’ll try and explain that in the next post, Part 2.

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  1. I almost forgot, (this one would make david icke’s day) numbers 21:4, god throws snakes at the Israelites and they would only not die if they make a pole of s serpent(paraphrasing). and how god is a jealous god and ….basically if you step out of the box, god is very human. why? and why did he not want man to have knowledge( apple tree) and become part of the gods(genesis 3:22)

  2. Michael Heiser is a moronic wanna-be. He has no proof of what he states. The only evidence he claims to have are his own interpretations of material written by man, for man. There is no God as we puny humans believe there to be. And this guy, for being as smart as he claims is a closed minded fool!!! Good luck!!

    • I love replies like this. Why? because they’ll live forever on my site so all who pass by and read will see the weightiness of the evidence offered, the astounding clarity, the penetrating scholarship. My readers are truly blessed by someone so intelligent and with such a rapier wit. I salute you, “patriot”!

  3. Michael prefer to use constellations and the zodiac because at times the Israelite nation did indeed worshipped the stars and zodiac “bodies”. According to the book of Enoch the “gods” taught us humans astronomy and astrology, there is however a devide in these teachings, apparently the sons of God (from Genesis chapter 6 fame) came and took themselves earth woman , those gods “jumped the gun” in a manner of speach and taught the astrological and astronomical wisdom to the wrong people (gentiles etc) then Yahweh and his loyal lesser gods realized that they were loosing control over mankind and took men like Enoch, taught them all this wisdom and also promised them that all the unintended; those who married earth woman and also their offspring will be wiped out by way of the flood etc. Well we are all still here, it seems all those promises by Yahweh and his lesser gods came to nothing.

    This wisdom mentioned above were also taught accross the borders of the then, known world to all the gentile nations, look up mythology of the ancient nations, it is all there, all of this also happen to occur just about simultaneously in all the known nations of the time. It seems the disobeying sons were quite busy back in the day, funny enough in the mythology of the other nations it is never mentioned that any of them or their enemies were unintended, you will only find mention of the unintended in the book of Enoch and also in the Torah, the two holy books according to the chosen nation, another interesting fact is that the black Jews is utterly convinced that the white Jews who reign in Israel today actually stole that religion from them, according to the book of Enoch the original Israelites were black! Makes one wonder!

    Art Torez, Jesus was not really violent in Matthew Chapter 18, it is actually symbolical speach he used, meaning if you are taught differently, or something which is way off base, then reject the teaching which do not correspond to that which makes more sense and can be used logically in life.

    • Yahweh never “promised” (according to the OT anyway) that humanity would be wiped out because humans learned astronomy, or even by the flood. There was a promised remnant, of which you are a beneficiary, so your line about the promises doesn’t make much sense to me (this reply of course assumes how a person who believed in a global flood would respond, since that appears to be your target). I’m not married to the notion that the biblical flood story (or any other one) describes a truly global event. The point: there are some stark differences between the Hebrew Bible and Enoch and other Jewish lit on the flood, angels, watchers, etc. We cannot treat them as though they say the same thing. Especially with non-canonical texts (deemed so by both the passage of time and the immediate faith communities), a lot of the material is often in response to something happening at the time of composition (i.e., there’s a polemic going on that we may or may not understand).

      • I’m not expert in Hebrew but I do love it. It sort of seems to suggest things in the figurative sense that sometimes can be revealing. For example when Satan goes before the council of the Elohim. God says have you considered my servant job. I was taught many many years ago before I’d heard of a stronges exhaustive concordance that God was boasting her. Hey Satan what do you think of my boy Job? But after looking the Hebrew up it seems to me that it’s more like. Satan something stinks about you. Have you been eyeing up my servant Job.
        In the same sense with Noah I get the feeling that Noah being perfect in his generations did not mean he was a very nice pre Jewish boy. But more along the lines of Noah his DNA didn’t stink. I think it’s more correct to say he was genetically pure. Don’t shoot me down no boys. Play nice. If I’m wrong teach me. I’d appreciate it.

  4. No promises in the Old Testament!! Genesis 2 verse 17 “you must not eat the fruit from that tree; if you do, you will die the same day.” According to the bible Adam and Eve were the first people, both ate they did not die, but instead became wise, who lied the Lord Almighty or the Snake? Genesis chapter 6 “I will wipe out these people I have created, and also the animals and the birds, because I am sorry I made any of them”. from the Christian bible Old Testament, because these sons of god taught people some wisdom!!

    Book of Enoch-; chapter 6 verse 1 to 8 apparently two hundred of them took wives, the names of their leaders are listed here.
    Chapter 7 and 8 of Enoch it is listed how they took wives, and what they taught the people including their offspring; they taught them about weapons, gold, silver, make up for woman and men, enchantment, root cuttings, astrology, the planetary and star constillations, clouds rain or dry clouds, signs of the earth, the sun, the moon.
    In chapter 9 verse 6 of Enoch Azazel the leader of these sons of god are found guilty of sin, by teaching people the above mentioned subjects, apparently people were not supposed to learn these “secrets”, but the Lord Almighty gave Uriel to Enoch to taught him all those same secrets and told Enoch that he was going to destroy all those sons their offspring and all people who were taught or influenced by those sons. We are still here!

    Lastly; Zephaniah chapter 1 verse 2-; “I am going to destroy everything on earth, all human beings and animals, birds and fish. I will bring about the downfall of the wicked, I will destoy all mankind and no survivors will be left, I the Lord have spoken.
    verse 18-; “On the day when the Lord shows his fury, not even all their silver and gold will save them. The whole world will be destroyed by the fire of his anger, he will put an end-a sudden end-to everyone who lives on earth.” No wonder Jesus said, “you have been worshipping your father, the Devil since the beginning.”

    What was Zephaniah referring to? The Lord always demanded the silver and gold! Perhaps he referred to the New Jerusalem, it is mentioned in chapter 21 of Revelations that the wealth of the nations must be carried into its gates the minute it lands in the “holy place”; the old Jerusalem, Jesus did state that the awfull horror wil stand in the holy place! This new Jerusalem will be 5.7 million square kilometres big, imagine the driving force this monstrosity will have, the “fury” of its motors will destroy anything underneath it, should it settle in an ocean most of us will drown in massive tsunami waves, others would have been dead already due to the fact that this massive cities motors force would have pushed us out of orbit, we might die of freezing cold or die from heat exhaustion. Should it land all survivors will be taken care of mercilessly, I have qouted from two places above, one specifying the silver and gold won’t help this time. No wonder Jesus said those who came before him were murderers, liars, and thieves. They killed us and plan to finish us, they lied to us since day one, they stole this planets gold and plan to come and fetch the balance with the New Jerusalem, they lied to a nation and told them they were special, yet plan to get rid of even them.

    Michael, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN A GLOBAL FLOOD, but should this New Jerusalem ever arrive, I will change my mind.

    • No one in their right mind would say that there are no promises in the OT. I was referring to promises connected to the astrological stuff and Enoch. You should know that. There is nothing of that sort in the OT. If you knew Hebrew, the verse translated “you shall surely die” has no tense (time) attached to it. (Biblical Hebrew verbals do not have tense, except perhaps for the archaic preterite form). That means what is said in Gen 3 *cannot* be correctly construed as a non-fulfillment. The supposition that they’d drop over dead is added by modern (English) readers. You also seem to equate Enoch with the OT in terms of canon or content. 1 Enoch was written centuries after Genesis and was not considered canonical at any councils. The only *possible* exception has to do with Qumran. There are “Enochic texts” at Qumran, which apparently represent the views of a sect of Judaism (or perhaps only the person who produced them) where Enoch material is cited in a manner similar to the way canonical material is cited. This Enochic sect is a subset of what we find at Qumran; it does not equate to Qumran. That means, in the scope of ancient Judaism, the thought that anything in 1 Enoch would be canonical represents a miniscule percentage. As a result, when you mix the two, it carries no weight with me in terms of an argument.

  5. Hi Michael, thank you for the reply, the excuse or fact that biblical verbals do not have tense does not nullify what is written in the English Bibles or any Bible written in any other language, it just confirms that the world at large it seems can be fed anything; everytime religion is attacked because of irregularities some misunderstanding due to translation is given as reason!

    Why was the text in English or any other language left to be published if the owners of Hebrew knew from start that it was wrong? Don’t use ignorance as an excuse, the researchers who translated the scriptures from Hebrew all did so with the experts in Hebrew, of which many was Hebrew nationals!!

    • The issue isn’t a question of “wrongness” in translation per se – languages use tense — the issue is what determines that. When doing a translation one cannot produce a tenseless English translation since that wouldn’t be English. You don’t seem to realize the difference between translation and exegesis / interpretation. Translation is a starting point for communication. But communication has to be interpreted. If this wasn’t the case we wouldn’t need people like lawyers, judges, teachers, etc. It is quite evident when you think about it — it’s so common we just don’t. It’s no different when it comes to the Bible. When people who are trying to interpret the text based on an argument from tense that isn’t actually supported in the original language, that isn’t the fault of the text; it’s the fault of the interpreter. Yes, the ignorant can be fed anything, but those who aren’t ignorant of these things cannot.

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  7. It’s true. This idea Ezekiel was a UFO came because of former NASA engineer (Blumrich) who read Daniken’s explanation of the text. I STUDIED those documents written by Blumrich and discovered he actually drew the wheels within wheels but DISREGARDED HIS OWN DESIGNS because he felt those wheels had no real meaning as wheels. In a nuthell: he eliminated the detailed description to adapt it to his own imagination. Ezekiel never wrote the wheels behaved like wheels or were actually wheels. Ezekiel was describing what he saw, period. Have you noticed a similar device was presented in the film CONTACT based upon that cynical scientist called Carl Sagan who also suggested things for the film? In that film (and many others like EVENT HORIZON where a spaceship contacts demons from another dimension) a device looks like Ezekiel’s depiction of wheels but are not wheels. They are like a sort of anti-gravity magnetic rotating device.
    Ezekiel saw the TETRAMOULON a word that borrows from Greek and Latin which is not a chariot pulled by 4 mules but the combo of 4 real creatures. Sorry: not stars or constellations with imaginary shapes of hybrid animals.


    • Carl Sagan was an astronomer / astrophysicist. He had zero qualifications for knowing anything about the biblical text. He wouldn’t have known Hebrew exegesis if it had bitten him on the rump.

    • Really? That’s very interesting. Have you done any google searches, you know, basic research, before declaring that Blumrich was not a NASA engineer?

    • Do a Google search and you will discover that “Josef F. Blumrich” actually did work for NASA.

  8. So, the government documentation is wrong but some web page is right? Nice. SHOW ME the official NASA documentation that has him at NASA.

    And for me, it doesn’t matter. He’s no biblical scholar or even literate when it comes to the biblical text. THAT is the issue. I’ll trust the material the Babylonians left us, not you or the internet.

    • I heard you talking about Moses and the authorship of the Torah. And I have heard others say similar thing along the lines that the Babylonian text was first and everyone else copied from it. Is it not possible that Moses had access to other text? I ask because in genisis I come across these this is the book of the generations of…. about five different times. So if Moses was more like an editor for the first book of the Torah and then he was a first person witness to the rest. Except the last part of numbers where I think Joshua penned that part. It just seems logical. I mean is there a I wrote it down first so you all copied from me law or is it possible that the events upto the tower of bavel were common knowledge and then after this with the introduction of seventy odd new languages the common knowledge began to fissure in diffrent directions. Like the flood story. I was good friends with the Dominican priest at university ft Gilbert Markus. He just would not hear any other theory than it all came from the epic of Gilgamesh.

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  12. I’m the guy who put together the SpaceshipsOfEzekiel website. The website includes extensive references to Blumrich at NASA including his patents and IMAGES of two awards he received from NASA (links are in the Bio article).


    If you want information about Blumrich and NASA you need to file a FOIA request with NASA, like I did, not send a request to the State Department. DOS has NOTHING to do with NASA. As Wikipedia states (capitals added): “The United States Department of State often referred to as the State Department, is the United States federal executive department that advises the President and leads the country in FOREIGN POLICY ISSUES. Equivalent to the FOREIGN MINISTRY of other countries, the State Department is responsible for the INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS of the United States …”

    In response to my FOIA request, one of the things NASA sent me (that I didn’t put on the website) was a photocopy of BLUMRICH’S EMPLOYEE RECORD.

    ALL the TRANSCRIBED articles on the Spaceships website include FULL SOURCE CITATION. For instance: Source: Impact of Science on Society, UNESCO Volume XXIV, No. 4 / October-December 1974, pp.329-336.

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