Antikythera Mechanism Rebuilt – Replica Works Perfectly

This is pretty cool. So what does this ancient machine do?

“In short, Antikythera’s user interface is deceptively simple, operated by a simple knob on the side. This conceals the intricacy within, amounting to a complex mathematical model, tracking the movements of planetary bodies and incorporating a series of submechanisms to account for the eccentricities of their rotation.”

And for all those out there that will want to attribute this early computing machine to extraterrestrials, take note that the machine only accounts for five planets — since only five were known in antiquity. If ET knew only five planets, he’s a pretty incompetent astronomer for being so “advanced.”

4 thoughts on “Antikythera Mechanism Rebuilt – Replica Works Perfectly

  1. Hmm…from what I read it is a fully astrological calculator of sorts as well, including all of the 12 astrological houses….oh but that’s silly too.

  2. Actually, the original was created by the Greeks and is thought to have been made around 100 to 150 BC. Just a little sooner than the Germans, and pretty impressive if you ask me.

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