Did the Egyptians Need Alien Technology to Build the Pyramids?

No. There are a number of interesting theories as to how the Egyptians could move the stones of the pyramids vertically and from the place they were quarried. The coolest involves simple physics. Check out the website (with video) of this retired construction worker from Michigan. It’s amazing how this guy moves multi-ton stones by himself. Yeah, I bought his CD, too, so I could watch the full videos. You should, too, if you want to ward off the alien astronaut crowd (“Nobody I know could have thought of this technology, so it must be aliens”). Yeah.

113 thoughts on “Did the Egyptians Need Alien Technology to Build the Pyramids?

  1. So how would this guy go about moving the stones into place, and fit them together such that a razor blade can’t be inserted between them?

  2. You must be kidding . The guy from Michigan is a joke .Anyone who buys into this guy has lost his marbles . To think that Egyptians moved blocks of stone many tons in weight and enormous size with rolers etc is brain dead , pure and simple . To not recognize that advanced technology was needed to construct these behemouths is a non-sentient life form

    • Did you see the video? Have you personally moved anything heavy? Oh, besides your many ton car that is on rollers. This is clever and common sense.

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