Did the Egyptians Need Alien Technology to Build the Pyramids?

No. There are a number of interesting theories as to how the Egyptians could move the stones of the pyramids vertically and from the place they were quarried. The coolest involves simple physics. Check out the website (with video) of this retired construction worker from Michigan. It’s amazing how this guy moves multi-ton stones by himself. Yeah, I bought his CD, too, so I could watch the full videos. You should, too, if you want to ward off the alien astronaut crowd (“Nobody I know could have thought of this technology, so it must be aliens”). Yeah.

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  1. @ Lost Angel.

    Thank you.

    What if it wasn’t a nuclear war but something worse – fought using forgotten technologies, or technologies yet unknown to modern man? That would imply we just don’t have the means to detect the artifacts. Mahabharata describes it and the folks who wrote the epic couldn’t have just imagined the whole thing.

    Now, we don’t have the proofs to show that such a hi-tech war happened. But we can’t conclude that it did not happen because of lack of evidence; the mind will not allow us to.

    I don’t think we can find anything if we still don’t know what we’re looking for.

    What infuriates me is Dr. Heiser’s (and other scholars’) attitude, like I said, towards possibilities. I admire his work though.

    • Possibilities are not probabilities, or even likelihoods. Example: It’s possible I could be the next American Idol — but really nowhere in the realm of probability or likelihood (closer to delusion – but still “possible”).

      The point is that clear thinking is not established by vocabulary words or jargon.

  2. @ Ching64bit

    The vedas could have been written as a prjection to the future. who kows may be one day someon will find a proof it happened…or not.. its nice to be prudent

    • I don’t find this one coherent — an appeal to the unknown future isn’t an answer (it is by definition offering ignorance — our lack of knowing the future — as an explanation; sort of like an argument from silence, but with a futuristic element).

  3. @ MSH, i dont have an explanation to the Vedics writings; if you do have something , please share.

    • my advice is to search for bibliographies on the Vedic material. There are whole degree programs on this (Sanskrit studies, Religious studies). They aren’t a mystery.

  4. @MSH. I’ve seen those bibliographies and gone through those ‘whole degree programs’. They are written recently by people like your esteemed self and sure enough, nothing near the stuff I’m looking for; nothing that can satisfy my curiosity – just plain bland academic, read-study-appear-for-the-exam-pass-it material.

    I quote Lost Angel, “human mind is is just a small window to perceive what the immense reality is”. Now, education, as imparted by the likes of MSH, tends to narrow that already ‘small window’ and make a pinhole out of it. How unfortunate is that? And when someone starts questioning, the reaction is “Shut up and read your book!”, which is not fair at all. This worries and troubles me immensely.

    And if you’re accusing me of using vocabulary and jargon to justify myself, I’m sorry, English is my 3rd language and I’m not good at it. To be honest with you, I feel language is too feeble a medium to express and propagate our thought; in fact it cripples us. You do know why we have the arts, don’t you? Music, sculpture, dance … you know. It’s what I’d like to call ‘breaking the barrier’, which would definitely sound taboo to you.

    At one point I was angry, now I’m laughing.

    • to date you haven’t produced a single fact-based reply (just the “blank out your mind” mantra). I don’t care about degrees; they are secondary to facts, but people with degrees usually have a sound grasp of lots of facts (since degrees aren’t awarded for “open mindedness”).

  5. Now I can’t forgive myself for this.

    I never really cared about your identity, who you are and things like that. Out of curiosity, I looked up a bit about you on the Internet and I just realised you are no more or less than those ‘great people’ who go around telling people why you shouldn’t eat pork (armed with scientific facts). You are a bible teacher! No wonder, and no offence.

    Wow! I’ve been debating (arguing) with someone who makes a living out of religion!??!! You even have a facebook page! And I thought you’re a 20 something year old boy. I thought I had been debating with a person of my age.

    Forgive me Mother for I have sinned. I’ve wasted several precious days of my life arguing with a god man.

    You know you’re actually right. Facts, figures, proofs, data. You’re right; they tell so much. Now I know you. I’m humbled O great one!

    Adieu DOCTOR Heiser.

    • you really sound like an idiot in this one. Again, the discussion closes without one fact-based response on your part. Yes, adieu; my time is far better spent.

  6. i looked, most relates to aliens sites, may be my search criteria must be changed..
    I am of the opinion that some translators mistranslate the txts..

  7. you’ve done nothing to address any of the specific points this person has brought up.

    • For their part, they can start by proving there are or were aliens. Once that’s done, then alien assistance is on the table for discussion. Without that, talking about their assistance amounts to assuming what one needs to prove — a classic logical fallacy.

      If Egyptian construction techniques can be demonstrated as workable and scalable, then all the points ARE addressed with human technology and applied physics.

  8. this doesnt prove anything. try to use this method for stones over 10..20,000 tons.. yeah… not gonna work… thought so.
    why is it ,that the idea of aliens..or..LIFE outside of this planet is so hard for others to even BEING to accept..? humans constantly argue FACTS and really dont know sh*t.. but what do you find it HARDER to believe… that there is life among BILLIONS of planets/ galaxies, stars, pressure conditions..etc..or that we are the ONLY life out of those billions..?
    what does your GUT say? im betting your repressed “all knowing” conscious and instinct give you a feeling, of “were not alone”..which makes more sense than ignorance based on the miniscule amount of info the government will let you in on.. they hide truth and shove propaganda in your face daily and tell you there are no ufo’s when they are seen everywhere by millions of people.why would ancients have drawings on walls of aliens? why would they all build pyramids? i doubt think they did it as a joke for people to find thousands of years later…com’on son…
    people want PROOF of aliens.that’s COMICAL…if thats the case.. do you believe in god? WHY? you dont physically see him? at least aliens fly around and let people see they are here.if its the military, whered they get the tech from? why do satallites show crafts at high rates of speed and making 90 degree turns, why are some of these crafts over miles long..thats huge..oh right..just space debris.lol. theres way more evidence that will suggest they are real, as opposed to some made up monster story..sometimes people need to stop thinking so hard and see whats in your face..then realize its NOT hard to believe. in fact, taking the universe into consideration should tell you off the top that theres tons of life out there.so why believe in god if not aliens? you sure as hell see innocent and wrongful deaths everywhere..i think that would point in the opposite direction of a loving god.
    and facts, data, proof, is only proof to the person interpreting it and those who interpret it the same way. facts change, which means they were never facts to begin with.data is only as good as the person reading it makes it seem to be, and the method used by the machine which provided it in the first place.bottom line, just stop looking at facts..data..etc.. its not needed. ask yourself what you want to know and let your inner light answer for you . for every fact there is a debate just waiting. and NO..they didnt move HUGE blocks with a small rock method..maybe for smaller stones but i dont think they needed it. its called electricity..just used differently.the universe is electrical. its what you do with the tools, and how you use them. we use it for light bulbs. they used it far differently for far greater accomplishments .ed leedskalnin told everyone how it was done and PROOVED IT , but why should he just give away his breakthrough or ancient secrets ? but he did.. even wrote about how it was done..and would you believe many people still ignore what he was trying to say, EVEN AFTER THEY SEE WHAT HE BUILT? instead of listening to the one guy who did it, people go in the opposite direction and use alternative methods because they don’t understand the science to it. pure nonsense.all he did was follow what the ancients did, and he built a castle solo with basically no heavy equipment. too many folks stick to their conventional watered down, completely backwards way of thinking .maybe they should learn more of the PROPER KNOWLEDGE that the men in charge have tried hiding for evil reasons through generations. i hope everyone has a spiritual awaking soon.. we need more enlightened ones..

    • Sure. It’s much easier to believe that aliens helped, even though science has never produced evidence aliens existed (why not fairies? or little elves when they aren’t making shoes?). That’s much more reasonable than applied physics that could be scaled up.

  9. and dont forget cutting the stones, perfectly, like laser precision, in many places around the globe…i think all rock lifting, cutting, building back in those days , (regardless of location on the globe) was done in a very similar manner.. i dont think they would argue amongst themselves about how it was done like we do ….. its time people GO backwards and PRACTICE these lost methods.

  10. Why do I feel like anything anyone says in a reply on this page gets answered with “Where’s your proof?”

    Explain to me how ancient structures exist UNDER THE OCEAN? Do I need to give you proof and facts that these sites exist? Or can you look for yourself and find the articles and documentaries about them that are on the internet? Do your own homework. These civilizations existed tens of thousands of years ago, during times when our human ancestors were said to have been picking berries and hunting game. So how do great cities get buried by water on lands that didn’t touch the air since before the end of the last ice age? We’re talking over 10,000 years ago. Even John Anthony West has peer reviewed material (along with Robert Schoch) that show water from rains on the Sphinx when rain hasn’t been in that region for how long now? And West even goes so far as to say 36,000 years ago based on stellar alignments and geological history.

    I feel like ‘peer review’ means someone else who thinks like you.

    I’ll expect your modest reply saying “I see no evidence refuting my refutes” in a day or two.

    • Because anything that is considered true should be data-driven.

      Ancient structures under the ocean (depends on whether you are talking about real ones) are there because (a) people built them, and (b) cataclysmic events occur on earth that cause sea tables and levels to change. Where’s the shock in that?

  11. Interesting stuff. Interesting stuff.

    Just a few comments, in no special order…

    1. Sitchin’s trying to sell Books. And that’s Plural. He’s turned ancient myth into space opera. I think I read somewhere where he took the tale of a broken necklace and transformed it into the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.

    2. Regarding the feller who said it doesn’t matter if 100 of Sitchin’s words were wrong. Uh… Uh… Really? How about just 1 for instance? Like maybe “accidentally” substituting “outhouse” for “Nibiru” or whatever cool residence you’re working with when translating ancient tablets? There is a Difference. A Big Difference, with a Big turnout…

    3. The pyramids (and probably most every other ancient multi-ton construct) were made according to Dr. Davidovids through poured concrete. You don’t need to move a ton if you can make a Mold for said block Where you want it to be and then bring along buckets of limestone-based concrete to fill it.
    There is the missing mystery Solved. IMHO it satisfies all credentials without invoking space aliens, anti-gravityr, or related BS. Just do a web search and read about it yourselves.

    4. What’s this world coming to when we have to give credit for all human achievments to Space Aliens, if not freakin’ God! I just read a book where lasers, microchips, and other modern technology is being attributed to the Roswell crash! What’s next, Aliens invented the toaster?

    • I love the “space opera” label; wish I had thought of that!

      I am familiar with Davidovits’ work (I show a video of his method in my Egyptology course). I think it is one of several methods for how the pyramids were / may have been built. But that method cannot account for the red granite blocks (the largest ones) over the king’s chamber. You need something akin to the technology Houdin has mapped out.

  12. What’s the difference between belief in god and belief in ancient alien visitors?

    • By way of illustration, the biblical texts (and the texts of other religions as well) describe God as uncreated and creator of all that is material. That alone distinguishes God from aliens. They are not uncreated; nothing made of something can be. And so this is a fundamental disconnect between looking at the Bible or Koran, etc. and saying “it’s describing aliens.” No, it isn’t, if you take it for what it says. Then there are attributes. Omnipotence and omnipresence and omniscience, for example, would not be true of material beings (it cannot be, by definition, since those attributes require eternality and separation from the laws of time and space – and if there are laws of time and space we don’t know, that doesn’t mean the ones we do know are thereby shown to be false; it means they are part of a greater whole and still cannot be violated). Another item is testability. Aliens, if they exist, are testable, as they would be material (have biology — something that can be put under a microscope), having evolved to what they are, or having been created by a superior being. God, as he is cast in basically all religions (a personal God, that is), is not material and so is by definition not scientifically testable.

      All of the above are basic, fundamental distinctions that are largely ignored by people who want to draw such an equation.

  13. I would like for Mike to invite Lloyd Pye (Another Ancient Alien Astronaut Theorist), for a seminar debate. Others could be invited to from the ient Alien Astronaut crowd. Should make for a lively discussion and could be posted on youtube. Thanks

    • What are you thinking of in terms of a “seminar debate” (describe it).

      The problem with these sorts of things is that the views are already all published and readily accessible, and so one wonders what is the “value add” in the proposition. But let me know what you’re thinking of.

  14. Yes, even though the different views are posted and published, there is not a debate about the interpretation of evidenciary findings. A seminar would allow for a court-like atmosphere to dismiss of proposed interpretations. For example, the book of Ezekiel(his vision) gives terms that are interpreted in different ways by the Acient Alien theorists and yourself. Evolution mechanisms are another debate. The Pires Maps are another debate of how it was created. And finally, the large structures and diagrams around the world which can best be seen from high in the air can be debated concerning their creation and use. The starchild skull(of Mr. Pye) is even another. The list is endless. But, audiences might be enlivened about the history of mankind through such debates as well as specious claims being negated or not.

    • It’s actually hard for me to get excited about this because a lot of critical material has been published about all these things (opposed to ancient alien ideas — many of which are not about interpretation, but fabrication of evidence). I’d put forth my view by posting links to material (which I do a lot here and on websites). Saying “hey, read these six articles and check out this database” doesn’t sound very interesting.

  15. I understand your situation. I only wish there was a debate-style forum as it would have been between yourself and Mr. Stichens had he answered your request. In the meantime different sides will argue unopposed, allowing for their seperate audiences to believe entirely the whole presentation due to several facts being undoubtedly true. And there are critical components which needs to be strengthened or dispelled. Maybe in the future such a forum will come about. Thanks anyway.

    • Time will tell. Once the documentary response to the Ancient Aliens material is actually available online (it will be released free, and will likely be several hours in length), I suspect that some talk shows might offer such an opportunity. At any rate, I will propose just that. But who knows if there will be takers.

  16. Professor, would you please review this short video by Dr. Rush regarding his view of the widespread use of drugs in ancient times which may have provided visions which to create religious mythology AND stolen real Egyptian Pharoic figures whom may have been used to form the Biblical leading figures in the construction of Judaism mythical stories. Thanks (see below)

    • no; I don’t accept homework. All this Zeitgeist crap has been known and refuted since the 1930s. (Yes, I have such sources that are that old). That is why 99% of scholars yawn (or laugh) at it. Those that don’t have that axe to grind.

  17. Hi,
    In my modest opinion I think everyone is mixing apples and oranges here. The AA show just points out that there are things out there science cannot explain and invites people to think about that. The ancient Aliens theory is not a scientific theory. There is no need for science to refute what is said in the AA show because what is said in the AA show is not science. The show provokes thought and, hopefully, inspires people to pick up a book. That said, I just have to point out that brandishing one’s degree for the purpose of insulting those presumably without it compromises the purpose and validity of that degree. Science should not be threatened by lay people asking questions, no matter how stupid those questions may be, or may appear to be. Science is a discipline, the AA show is a mind teasing exercise, or something.

    • The point is that science (in this case, applied physics and engineering) CAN explain pyramid construction. We don’t need to put aliens on the table to “think about” the construction.

      AA isn’t a mind-teasing exercise. It’s a mind corrupting exercise and a brain shut-off valve.

  18. After reviewing the size and accuracy ( level end-to-end) of Giza Pyramid, I find it extermely unlikely that this structure was built by Hebrew slaves with what we could consider primitative tools. To the best of my knowledge no modern society has built anything that compares with the Giza Pyramid from a civil engineering point. Moving muti ton stones is only part of the problem. They must also be cut accurately cut and placed with extreme precision.

    • just because you find something unbelievable, that is not evidence that it was impossible. it just means that you aren’t as clever as the engineers.

  19. The guy mentioned above in Michigan……did some impressive stuff in moving the stones that he moved, but it’s far removed from building something on the scale of the pyramids……I don’t subscribe to the theory that aliens built them, but I think there is much more to the story than we know…….there certainly has been some lost information and technology from then to now.

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