It’s been a slow few days …

Just a note of apology. I threw out my back last Friday and have been basically immobilized since.  I still can’t sit for more than a few minutes (standing is a bit better), but I’ve managed to figure out a way to type and use the computer while basically reclining.  Hopefully only a few more days of this and then I get be more consistent blogging (among other things).

New Jesus Tomb Video

Click here to view the (lengthy) video “The Jesus Tomb Unmasked.”  My friend Steve Pfann (the epigrapher who evaluated the inscriptions on the ossuaries after all the hoopla) is prominently featured.  It’s quite well done.  Having blogged about my thoughts on the tomb here and here, I recommend this for its content and quality.

Another Aaarrrggghhh! Award Candidate: UFOs Influencing DaVinci!

It’s so hard for me to believer that any thinking person who claims to be doing research still trots this craptastic stuff out to the public.  We have yet again another PaleoBabbler claiming there are UFOs in Renaissance art. Not content to just have them there, now they are the influencers of Leonardo DaVinci.

For those new to PaleoBabble, in an earlier post I directed readers to a real art historian who’s looked into this.

I feel dumber just having to write about this subject.

Even Scholars Do PaleoBabble

Readers may find April DeConick’s series on how the Jesus Seminar is “bankrupt” of interest (her word). April, a professor at Rice University, is by no means a defender of traditional orthodoxy with respect to Christianity. She views the Gnostic material and theology much too positively for that.  Below are the links to her now four-part series on why she thinks the Jesus created by the Jesus Seminar is suspect. I agree with a number of her observations, though we’d go in different directions on replacing that Jesus with something better.  She is hardly alone in her criticisms, especially of method.  Since the Jesus Seminar is passed off by less-than-astute popular religion media (every year it seems to make the covers of TIME, Newsweek, around Easter), her criticisms are worth reading.

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