Pharaoh Akhenaten’s Unusual Physique: Proof of Alien DNA?

Uh . . . nope. Well . . . it does have something to do with genetics . . . but not from space aliens.

Fortunately, we have something called  . . . science . . . to help us understand what may have been going on with Akhenaten (and other members of the 18th dynasty).

An interesting 2009 technical article from the professional medical journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, addresses Akhenaten and others in his lineage. You can beam it up here.

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  1. Also about the head elongation of Akhenaten. It is known that many cultures around the world from the Aboriginies of Austrailia to the Chinook peoples here in the Americas performed skull modification on their young. The head is put in a device that slowly over time leads the development of the skull to the desired result. I should add this may explain why the child of Nefertiti has a modified skull as well (common picture associated with ancient aliens). I will say that it is most commonly thought that this would have been the case of the Egyptians skulls as well. In other words, it was their moms and dads who modified their heads like that because they liked it, not aliens. Peoples idea of what is beautiful shouldn’t be cast aside and the credit given to an alien. I seriously question the claim that they were trying to mimick in some way an alien they had seen. We must then assume that all of the cultures who did this were trying to look like aliens. Modification of the skull seems really crazy, but so does getting your toungue,nose, ears, genitals, or breasts, pierced or modified with plastic surgury. It was simply what people saw as beautiful or hip.

  2. I believe that in another 2 or 300 years, the present society will look back at our notions about the origins of the universe, science and marveled at the fact that we didn’t destroy ourselves or the fact that we believed such frivolous and false contentions. So mankind has been studying the heavens for thousands of years, The Greeks; Sumerians, Babylonians, Mayans, etc. yet it has only been in the last 100 years or so that we’ve begun to grasp the inter workings of the solar system. I am always amused at how we profess to know the nature of things, and how we express our knowledge about a particular thing-usually in absolute terms. Listen as a simple person, ZI am connected to the universe, for instance, all I need is to look up at the moon, the Sun and perhaps catch a glimpse of Earth’s shadow and curve to know that the Earth is round and I am sure that folks deduced this relationship years ago. Science has become ugly and perverted it has lost its way. If you don’t’ buy into the BBT then no grant money, no funding for you. The concept of the BBT is so far out and silly. Please note every time you search for the age of something it’s always different, i.e. age of the universe, age of the solar system, age of the Earth. I am fully convinced that this is a waste of time, unless you can physically watch a thing and count the elapsed time, then finding the age is fruitless. WE are star people, we are the world, the universe, and we are all connected with it and not apart from it. Power is knowledge, I liken it to manure, it no good unless you spread it around, yet we al l know that knowledge is shared begrudgingly. Science is useful and it makes our world better, but it is not infallible and it can be wrong or the application of it can be wrong. I am disgusted with all of the BBT crap, dark matter, dark energy, and black holes. Its crap!!! Plain and simple. When the observations don’t fit, then simply make some crap up to make it fit – Same thoughts on quantum mechanics. its made up crap!!

    Please also note that it is not a science that’s readily available to the masses, or should I say that it’s understanding.. Something that is controlled by the few and powerful.
    In short, the evidence is so compelling that we are off in our understanding of nature that we refuse to change. Think about this, take a look at the pyramids at Giza and I want you to tell me you believe regular dudes built it with rocks, ropes and pulleys…

  3. Well Mr Heiser!
    You are arrogance personified!
    You cherry pick evidence to bolster your miopic view of the universe, and, as many of these mucho-self assured- “I’ve got science to back me up champions”. You fail to consider any evidence that leads away from your “we know it al”l-because how dare any one consider that we are NOT the pinnacle of life is this vast universe and because we have not concieved nor reached a level of technological prowess to open up the boundaries of space travel therefore NO other form of life could have evolved far beyond the level to which we find ourselves.
    Science has neither provided us with undoubtable evidence as to the exact evolutionay path of Homosapien nor has it been able to explain the missing link between us and our homonid ancestors. Let alone expalin how evolution let us escape predation in order to formulate non essentail thought processes such as art music and self awareness. IF all is as you so miopically put SO simple and down to earth why isn’t there an abundance of unquestionable evidence to answer all the vast anomalies that the likes have myself have been researching for the last 2 decades. Sitchin may have it Wrong but he is to commended for his efforts to ecxplore his thesis to the full. While the likes of yourself are a living joke.
    I wrote apaper on the syntax anomalies of cuneiform and the dualistic nature of literal as opposed to non literal meaning to the origin of the basis of the language. If YOU did your research properly you would have discovered that Sitchin wasn’t proven wrong as you state BUT it is dependant upon wether you site the literal over the also used pseudo meaning in context of the writing as a whole.
    I guess it is you who are tryi ng to baffle your audience with the little knowledge that you claim to have.
    You small minded little man.

    • No, I just live in Realville.

      Can you please cherry-pick any actual science to show us all that alien DNA exists? That would be nice, and it would show us how bright you are (not to mention making you the next Nobel Laureate).

  4. OK so I’ve read through all the replies to this, and your replies to them, and I don’t quite get it. Opinions removed then – just going by hard fact, what is the difference between the theory of alien DNA and the theory of genetics or skull malformation? Is there hard proof for either? It would seem to me that there is simply evidence for both and your bias is prompting you to shoot down any theory other than the ones you believe – can you prove the cause/origin of the elongated skulls?

    • To tell if a specimen had alien DNA, you’d first need to know what alien DNA looked like in a genetic code. We don’t have any such specimen, so any discussion of alien DNA contributing to skull deformation is pointless from the outset. Why not wonder if acid blood in Akhenaten contributed to it? Blood from flying monkeys? We don’t have any such specimens there, either. Second, the DNA work done on these mummified remains has not turned up anything unexpected in terms of unknowns in the DNA sequence. It’s human DNA, through and through. Third, there are genetic explanations available for the deformations that are known from HUMAN DNA. One of those medical / genetic reasons is the answer; the discussion is “which one?” (and related to that discussion is the matter of genetic markers down through the relatives in the bloodlines).

      It’s very straightforward and has nothing to do with aliens. If we could compare the DNA to alien DNA, then and only then would aliens be part of the discussion. But guess what? We have no alien DNA. What’s under the microscope is human, and no alien DNA exists anywhere else for comparison.

      • Really, that is your answer? That we cannot entertain possibilities that go beyond what we know, therefore have to forcibly flush it into the only known variables?

        I can understand the “we cannot compare it to something we do not know”, for sure. But not to exclude possibilities when there is plausible reason for different trains of though. It being lots of holes still left to explain.

        It can go wither way. I don´t care. But as a researcher in the human behavioural field, I find that to be somewhat concerning. Doubly.

  5. Baited breath? Ew. My breath’s bated, not baited. Yours might be baited, but to what end? Just what are you trying to catch with your breath??

  6. MSH,
    You are always waiting with bated breadth. So are we all! So far, you have provided little evidence to support your own views but are quite happy to dismiss other views. While the real evidence may be thin at the moment but so was the case for several scientific facts of today. While it is easy to dismiss what you have not seen, can you please provide your explanations of what you do see do you explain the pyramids and the fact they cannot be replicated even today? What happened to the advanced civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt and how is it that they have completely disappeared? How is it that only a handful of people have been responsible for major breakthroughs in arts, science, medicine and that they are disproportionately from a few groups? Some explanations of what you do see would be useful.

    • Thanks for reading into the post. I don’t have a “view” of Akhenaten’s physique, nor am I waiting with baited breath for one. There are a lot more interesting things to think about. My only “view” is that is has nothing to do with aliens. Produce evidence that there are aliens, and then produce evidence they came here, and then that can at least get a seat at the table.

  7. As interesting as your reserch may seem the basic answer still unanswered are we alone in the universe
    I dont have to go to a school to know this. we are not alone in the universe we are the most undeveloped spices in the universe
    There is nothing that we humans can offer to a most advance civilization there is no reason why they should visit us.

    But as soon as we can understand antimatter and make work you will see what in the heaven.
    If we are alone in the universe thats alot of waste space

    • You mean “species” not “spices”.

      None of what you note is evidence for ET life. Rather, they are things that “feel” reasonable. They are wishes. I’d like for them to be real, too, but they are not evidence of any sort.

    • Fact of the matter is that the Universe is always expanding, with every cluster of matter and energy, moving away from each other; space travel without wormholes would be impractical.

  8. Yes and we all know we can trust science and medicine.

    The earth is flat and we need to do some blood letting to heal you (17th Century leading edge science and medicine)

    • Hypocrisy. If you ever visit an emergency room, have surgery, use medicine, etc. you just undermined your silly objection. Even better – if you ever have your kids treated by a doctor, you’re a hypocrite. (I take it back if you believe in nonsense like faith healing – then you’re just nutty). How about if you drive a car (science)? Use an elevator (science)? Have running water and working toilets (science)?

      Nice objection.

  9. Hi, thanks for the interesting article. I do believe that there was quite a bit of “head binding” done in the ancient world, but to me the big issue is not that the head is elongated, it is that the skulls themselves have a more volume internally. This is not natural, and you will find even in the event of head binding, the volume of the skull itself doesn’t change. Also, although I honestly haven’t done tons of research, it is odd that the plates of the skull are different on several of the skulls. I know certain ones are missing in some cases. Overall, still a very good article.

  10. There is a video of Lloyd Pye from 2016 ( – this a german translation, but there should be somewhere the original), where he releases his research. The strange Starchild skull is absolutely not from earth or men like. The skull is of different material, and a DNA test has been done, proving that there are sequences which are not known to the DNA database. The previous owner of the skull had a human mother and a non-human dad. The starchild skull is as small as 5-7 year old child’s skull but it once contained 1600 ccm brain, which is compared to 1400 ccm of men.
    But the skull doesn’t fit to the elongated skulls from all over the world and thus does not explain the habit of artificial skull deformation all over the world.
    In a recent study of a german or austrian author, Gernot Wagner ( – it´s also German), he comes to the conclusion, that the oldest elongated skulls derive from the heart of africa about 8000 – 1000 years ago. Next this practise was found in the middle east, from where it was distributed to as it seems almost every culture of the world. Skulls of this kind were found from Rumania to Austria and Germany, in China and of course South America, where the conquistadores still found living people with elongated skulls.
    Unfortunately the study does not come up with a conclusion as to why the people tortured their baby´s other than that he assumes it was a sign of beauty or superiority. What the author says, is that the huns brought back the habit to Europe, so that we find elongated skulls even at the time of the end of the roman empire.
    Conclusion: The starchild skull is almost certainly deriving from a non-human, but we do not know for sure if there were also aliens with an elongated skulls, so the practise of skull deformation is still unexplained.

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