Alien Fetus in King Tut’s Tomb?

Well . . . half of that is right . . . the fetus part, anyway.

The picture below is often offered as part of the “aliens visited ancient Egypt” paleobabblefest on the internet.

The mummified corpse on the right is said to be alien (“just look at the head and eyes . . . must be alien”).  Alien researchers also like to wonder aloud why the scientific community hides such information and doesn’t just admit it’s proof of aliens.

Is this an alien body?  Nope. And it’s hardly a secret picture, either. The picture can be found in Nicholas Reeves’ book, The Complete Tutankhamen (1990, pp. 124-125), a widely-sold resource on King Tut.

So what is it?  It’s one of two HUMAN CHILD fetuses found in Tut’s tomb. Here is the original in situ photo of the tomb tiny sarcophagi:

The scale of the two small fetuses is perhaps better noted from this (again, hardly secret) photo of Zahi Hawass unwrapping one of the fetuses:

Now here’s a closeup of the unwrapped fetus:

Gosh!  That sure looks like an alien!  Yeah; it looks like an alien all right — unless you’ve ever seen the skull and skeletal remains of a human fetus.  Here are some examples at 21.5, 30, 31, and 34 weeks, respectively. They are all photos of human skeletal recreations created by the same medical supply company that I linked to a few posts ago about elongated skulls.  (And there are more examples at the medical supply link). Everyone that goes through medical school sees skulls and skeletons like this. No news here; no aliens.

Lastly, here’s a set of human fetal skeletal remains with skull at 32 weeks. (And remember, humans aren’t aliens).

84 thoughts on “Alien Fetus in King Tut’s Tomb?

  1. so you are saying.. that even if I don’t believe, god loves me and understands that and doesent hold it against me? so I don’t have to worry about anything.. and when I die he will take me as he takes you even tough I don’t believe? is that right?

  2. To those who say they do not BELIEVE in aliens- I think you are all crazy. But all people are endowed for their own opinion.
    No assumptions can be made from these pictures of this fetus whether it is alien or not without DNA or cold hard evidence. I am neither for nor against the fact that this MIGHT be an alien fetus.
    The fact is that aliens exists. The cosmos is infinite and whether or not there are aliens within out our galaxy, planet, country or town the facts are that statistically aliens do exist.
    That brings in light the point that while each person has their right to have their beliefs and freedom to write and discuss anything. I have have read the comments and all I see is argument, sarcastic questions and negativity towards one side. Why can’t we see both sides? Without imperial proof you nor I can sit down and tell people aliens created man kind nor can they make us believe. Belief is your own feelings and thoughts on one subject so it is your choice in what to believe in and I cannot take that away but I, and so do many, believe in physical evidence and proof. The negativity and hatred created by these types of debates are outrageous when none of us can truly prove anything 100%.
    Do not misinterpret me.
    I mean to say this:
    Believe evidence and proof.
    Stop the negativity and hatred for another side holding their beliefs even when they are different than yours.
    Continue to look for the truth.

  3. Absolutely aliens exist. I think that they must, solely based on the vast size of space.

    The mummy does look alien. But we have to ask why. The best answer is that it is indeed alien. Alien to our understanding. After all, how many of us have seen mummified human foetuses? I sure havent seen many at all. At least not enough to be able to tell what race it was etc.
    However, just because it is alien to me does not make it alien to this planet, but that is the assumption that most people seem to make.

    That DNA question is always overcome as one can easily say that it is mostly human and thus it has human DNA. You can explain anything away if you believe strong enough, but that does not make it true. We need to push for and demand truth whenever anyone makes a claim.

    • “absolute” … “I think”

      That’s your whole argument right there.

      In case you’ve gone through this blog with as little care as your last comment indicates you examined the material on my site, I should tell you here that I’m not opposed to the idea of aliens. I’m opposed to pseudo-scholarship, deception, and academic claptrap. There is zero physical evidence for aliens (unfortunately). It would be cool, but it doesn’t exist to this point. Please try and think more clearly.

  4. “Science fiction and TV reality, Sunday bloody Sunday” U-2
    Imagination is a great tool or a powerful foe. Some of the “history-Biblical” aspects can be “seen” in episodes of Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. Ancient peoples saw things they couldn’t explain with their limited understanding. For generations these things are passed down as fact, after years of wars, mis-interpretations, and so on, people no longer know or sometimes even care what happened way back then. Keep in mind the architects of the pyramids were executed after they were done to keep things secret. The fact that the measurements are so precise and the alignments so precise is just amazing and stands to reason that there was a reason for that.
    Just because you didn’t witness the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan in WWII doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Just thinking of the amount of newspapers, books, recordings, etc that have been generated since the days of Moses is mind boggling, can any one person even attempt to read them all. There are entire cities buried in the desert in Afghanistan that no one knew about until recently, does anyone know why, or who did that, or even when it was done?

  5. This Zahi Hawass is a crook! As the sun rises and sets is continues to coverup the fact that the ancient people of Kemet (Egypt) where black!

  6. You know that it was not an alien I’m study mummies for a school project and to let you no that was kit tuts young daughter that died around his death even I know that and to let you know I’m gust 11 and in six grade get real facts

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