Alien Fetus in King Tut’s Tomb?

Well . . . half of that is right . . . the fetus part, anyway.

The picture below is often offered as part of the “aliens visited ancient Egypt” paleobabblefest on the internet.

The mummified corpse on the right is said to be alien (“just look at the head and eyes . . . must be alien”).  Alien researchers also like to wonder aloud why the scientific community hides such information and doesn’t just admit it’s proof of aliens.

Is this an alien body?  Nope. And it’s hardly a secret picture, either. The picture can be found in Nicholas Reeves’ book, The Complete Tutankhamen (1990, pp. 124-125), a widely-sold resource on King Tut.

So what is it?  It’s one of two HUMAN CHILD fetuses found in Tut’s tomb. Here is the original in situ photo of the tomb tiny sarcophagi:

The scale of the two small fetuses is perhaps better noted from this (again, hardly secret) photo of Zahi Hawass unwrapping one of the fetuses:

Now here’s a closeup of the unwrapped fetus:

Gosh!  That sure looks like an alien!  Yeah; it looks like an alien all right — unless you’ve ever seen the skull and skeletal remains of a human fetus.  Here are some examples at 21.5, 30, 31, and 34 weeks, respectively. They are all photos of human skeletal recreations created by the same medical supply company that I linked to a few posts ago about elongated skulls.  (And there are more examples at the medical supply link). Everyone that goes through medical school sees skulls and skeletons like this. No news here; no aliens.

Lastly, here’s a set of human fetal skeletal remains with skull at 32 weeks. (And remember, humans aren’t aliens).

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  1. getting back to the series ancient alians, what a lot of evidence that, at the least, is hard to explain,so many of you want to scoff and want concrete proof that you know cant be given and use that to fuel your argument, I’ve never seen the great pyramids in person so how do I REALLY know they exsist? can someone fund my trip tp show me?

  2. “I’ve never seen the great pyramids in person so how do I REALLY know they exsist? can someone fund my trip tp show me?”

    I can’t see air, yet it can be measured and weighed. Does oxygen not exist because you can’t see it with the human eye? Many people have seen the pyramids. There is physical evidence for their existence, unlike this god you guys keep carrying on about. I really didn’t want to go into that argument though because I can’t even stand reading your nonsensical rambling.

    I tend to stick to Occam’s razor. You know, selecting the competing hypothesis that makes the fewest new assumptions. Like the assumption that aliens both exist (they could) and have visited our planet (eh, not so much). That a god does exist outside the realm of our measurement (nope, sorry) and that he watches over me (uh huh). This freewill crap and mysterious ways arguments are a joke. Any god that could create the entire universe as we know it, would treat us with no more regard as you would ants in an ant farm or microbes in a microscope.

    Here’s a couple of reasonable hypothesis without assuming super natural or alien beings. Those are human fetuses. That was easy, I didn’t have to invent aliens that come to our planet. People invented gods to quell their fear of the unknown and explain things they do not understand. See what I did there? I didn’t have to add in a super natural being and explain all the bad stuff with “mysterious ways.”

  3. There’s no hard evidence to prove ETs. Just as there is no hard evidence to prove anything. Read “A Beginners Guide to Reality” and none of this matters anymore… I promise. All you know is what you experience and who’s to say that a bat’s, or a dolphin’s view on the world isn’t the actual experience of life and everything. Little stuff builds up to make the big stuff right? Ants have whatever perception they must have and we have to assume ours must be slightly greater and above us there may or may not be a God or ETs or whatever you have to fill that ambiguous hole with. Prove me wrong. By the way, I think it’s arrogant and absurd to say God, or Aliens, or something to that effect simply just doesn’t exist. I know maybe Aliens are a little, “Far out maaannnn…” but if we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced. There’s some science fiction for ya.

    • I would suggest there is hard evidence to prove that people exist, but no hard evidence that aliens exist. My money is therefore on people. Same for UFOs – disk-shaped craft have been made by people since the 40s.

  4. But those are NOT aliens in that photo… I forgot to mention that last time. I’ve seen compelling evidence first hand of a “craft”… it was a metallic sphere the size of a blimp, and it could have been a blimp. I was only 16 at the time so who knows… But I do know I have never seen anything with adult eyes that says UFO!!! But on the contrary, I have seen things that make me say FATE!!!! DEVINE PLAN!!!! But today, no video or photo will convince me of anything. And if I ever do see what lay in that ambiguous hole, I still can’t trust my eyes, can I? Electronic signals to the brain. They are interpreted to fit the hyper reality we have all made for ourselves. Or that our brains have made for us. If our brains even exist. But let us grab onto that invisible hat rack that we can’t even really hang our hat on and say, “this is real,” and lets hang our hats on it and say, “this is real,”….. All you can do, is live your life to suit you, to make it easier and happier and whatever you wish for it to be… Stop arguing about who’s perception of reality is correct and if you believe in God, keep your eyes to the sky for a sign and say your prayers, and do what you’re supposed to do. If you believe whatever endless facets of Alien studies, then…. well keep your eyes to the skies and look for the proof. Whatever the TRUTH is lay either far beyond our atmosphere, or it lay in whatever calculating and intrepting organ your senses or received to…. hmmmm… what do I believe…. well, I think the snow outside is melting and I’m going to take my dog for a walk!

    • please visit my UFO Religions blog. Seeing a disk-shaped craft is not evidence that the craft (assuming you are telling the truth) was extraterrestrial.

  5. to MSH: i have a 180sx with a gt2871r.. would you know this off the top of your head? without internet or books would you be able to know what i am talking about? i couldn’t imagine you would. So if that’s the case why wouldn’t you believe me if i said i saw a UFO? because god said so?

    • you missed something. I could go look this up if I didn’t know what it meant; you can’t look up “God showed me a UFO.” Apples and oranges. But I wouldn’t care. LOTS of people see UFOs – flying objects that they can’t identify. But that doesn’t mean (a) someone else can’t or wouldn’t be able to identify it; or (b) that it’s extraterrestrial. Seeing something unfamiliar in the sky does not equate to evidence for ET life.

  6. He doesn’t necessarily mean “alien” as a different race. The term Martian is more correct… meaning from MARS, the depleted land before earth, where humans could have very well inhabited, and yes, had elongated skulls.

    • so…where is the scientific evidence that Mars was inhabited — and that those inhabitants had elongated skulls? Like I said, what a scholar.

  7. This is Picture 1 where is Picture 2?

    There were two mummies in that chamber.

    • I used this one since this is the one that is used on ancient astronaut sites. it is the “best” one for their alien case.

  8. There’s one factor apparently being missed in all this discussion. I’ll admit I skimmed the thread, so maybe I missed it, and apologize if I did. Even if I did, it’s probably worth repeating.

    These fetuses are both human. But they’re not terribly normal.

    The fact that both of them died in utero – it’s not definite, but it’s a pretty good bet they had enough wrong with them that they would not have been viable.

    Why not? Well, the Thothmeside dynasty that ruled Egypt during the 18th Dynasty had been in power for 200-300 years by the time Tutankhamen came to power as its last Thothmeside ruler (after he died, there were two additional Pharoahs counted in that dynasty but neither one was bloodline-related to the Thothmesides).

    As is usual with Ancient Egyptian royalty and quite common in European royal lines, there was a lot of inbreeding going on. This of course builds up over generations and eventually the normal-level genetic defects are reinforced and build up to the point that you get some oddly constructed – and sterile – but still human offspring. A modern example is Carlos II of Spain who died in 1700.

    With Tutankhamen, it’s recently been discovered that his parents were full brother and sister. If I recall rightly, his father was the mystery mummy found in KV55 and now almost certainly identified as the heretic monotheist Pharoah Akhenaten; his mother is the unnamed Younger Lady. Thus after a dozen or so generations already folding one strain of DNA back onto itself pretty regularly, we have the best possible way to reinforce defects. Tutankhamen’s mummy was recently reexamined and it was found he probably had a slightly cleft palate and possibly a club foot or bum leg as well; speculation into his early death has switched from murder to general body/immune system collapse complicated by malaria.

    The mother of the two fetus mummies was most likely Tut’s wife Ankhesenamen; her father is definitely known to be Akhenaten and it is strongly likely she was Tut’s half-brother. This sure didn’t help anything.

    Conclusion: those two kids are human, but badly screwed up genetically and unable to make it to term. Any unusual appearance is vastly more likely to be from these factors than ET genetic contributions.

    What would really help the ludicrous theory that the smaller fetus was a Grey would be any single inscription, anywhere in Egypt, unmistakably referring to Greys in either pictorial or heiroglyphic form. Egyptians were very verbose, even chatty in their writing. These people could paint pictures of half human/half jackal gods in great detail, and even the lion/hippo/crocodile thing that ate the hearts of the unworthy dead… but not a Grey? Or that they found a single Grey fetus somewhere, and mummified it and buried it in a royal tomb (no less), without a word of comment on its unusual appearance, or the circumstances of where it was found? Ridiculous on the face of it.

    I suppose it’s time to dust off the ridiculous Abydos Helicopter pictures – clearly demonstrated as mixtures of two layers of standard heiroglyphs created when plaster fell off the ceiling – as ‘proof’ of this whole pile of pilpul.

  9. Wow..really? Aliens? Come on people. They appear to be HUMAN (yes I said Human) children with birth defects.

  10. Its so easy to believe in a ‘GOD’ … but harder to believe in ‘Aliens’? People must be too vain to think that we are the ONLY intelligent species in such a vast universe. That ‘God’ they worship could very well take the form of something of another species (alien), they both come from the sky not so?

    • Actually, an intelligent alien would not conform to any of the views of God of the theistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) in terms of attributes. It would only take a specific series of questions to elucidate that (I actually touched on this recently over at UFO Religions).

  11. Kemet, the appelation the original “Egyptians” (COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK SCHOLARS)

    used to describe themselves,meaning the “Black Land,” and its’ persons’ of import, their achievements and lives, constitute the most complete historical record of the ancient world.
    Curiously, even and especially those “in the field,” in spite of the grandeur of the Kemetic past, display a disdain, no – a hatred even – of their discipline. I’ve never read a scholar of Malta, Stonehenge or any other ancient civilation past refer to the respective history in a similiar fashion. Anti-Kemetism. Black Africa, Egypt.

    • uh, sorry. “Black land” referred to the black soil created by the annual inundation of the Nile. The Egyptians also called their land “Red Land” — the reddish soil that wasn’t covered by the alluvial silt (the desert land). I think you’re the one that needs to wake up.


    • When I posted this I didn’t have a second picture. See the subsequent posts on the Tut family DNA. Both children were included in the study and neither (and no one concerned) is an alien.

  13. um well they comfirmed the bigger fetus was a girl and the DNA was pretty confident he was the father its not an alien and the david guy is a dumb ass i looked at his site and they didn’t look any different

  14. Why can’t God and Aliens exist together? Why are humans so confident we are the ONLY life in the entire galaxy, not to mention entire UNIVERSE? Anyways, nobody really KNOWS anything without facts. God made the “Heavens” before he made the Earth. “Heavens” could mean “Everything other than Earth,” so tecnically, life out in the Heavens could exist before us, and be more advanced. Judging how much intelligent Americans spend on pets, it only makes sense that Intelligent life found us and taught us how to live/tricks. Perhaps God sent Aliens as Angels, and our primitive peoples back then regarded them as “Gods” because of their technology. Long story short, be open-minded when seeking the truth, and you’ll find the answers a lot quicker.

    • Why can’t you read my UFO Religions blog to find out I don’t think God and an ET reality are incompatible? But that is different than this sort of nonsense.

  15. great way to go about convincing people of your ideology on this topic, very little proof, no real argument and a major bad attitude, well i am convinced of one thing, however i will keep that to myself!

    people have enough with governments enforcing beliefs onto them and warping information to their advantage. i was actually passed this site by a chap who is usually open minded (until it comes to ET visiting this planet, which is his right),

    The odds are stacked against their not being another (or one) intelligent form of life out there… (as in there is life out there) however, i cannot say for the past as most people who are “historians” just seem to come up with fats that fit the findings and in my mind cannot prove one way or another that “this happened, this way”, how do they actually know where they there? no! it’s an “educated guess”.

    I’m sure of one thing about intelligent life in the universe, the only conclusive proof is over the last 2000 years we have not been visited, is it’s intelligent enough not to have done just that!

    With regards to the point you make about “humans being from this planet” there is no actual conclusive proof, – ref the “missing link”, yes we have a close resemblance in our makeup to the Monkey/Ape families, however there is no DIRECT evidence to confirm this.

    (this is where you point out that an ape and a baby skull at 32 weeks is very similar… which as i said is an assumption and observation and not a direct scientific fact.)

    as for the missing comparison photo, why not put it in? if you are that convinced there is no harm, otherwise you may just be seen as an argumentative insulting bloke with a website…

    Questions to you:

    whats your theory on the the “Aliens” within the hieroglyphics in Egypt,
    whats your theory on the “Aliens” within the pottery
    whats your theory on the pottery plains – which can only be seen from the air.
    whats your theory on the “Aliens” within the cathedral in Spains stone masonry (built in 1107).

    myself i am not closed minded or am i self gratifying enough to think that we are alone in this universe



    • Asking for actual evidence of alien life is not being close-minded. It’s reasonable. What else in life do you believe without building a case based on evidence?

      It’s your burden to demonstrate how asking for data that exist is unreasonable. Good luck with that one. As to the questions, see the “Ancient Astronauts” archive on this blog, and my UFO Religions blog (

  16. This reply actually proves my point on how useless “higher” education actually is in our society.

    I am quite surprised as this site was given to me by someone who really should have known better…

    sad to think you’ve spent all that money on your “education” and haven’t learned how to argue your case.

    there are alot of wild claims on here by yourself with little or no proof of the waffle produced..

    a sad world we live in..

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