Ancient Elongated Skulls: Alien Remains?

Nope.  For those who’d like a longer answer, read on.

We’ve all heard people on radio talk shows go on and on about the “mysterious” elongated skulls from South America. There are those who say that scientists and scholars refuse to look at this evidence, or that the same are befuddled to explain them. Not true, and not true. These skulls are so well known that you can buy replicas of them-sold by medical supply companies for the purposes of studying the deformation. Here’s an example from this medical supply company:

Anthropologists have actually been publishing on these skulls since the 19th century. Here are two examples from the 1860s and 1880s (scroll down a bit in each from the top to find the beginning):

On Ancient Peruvian Skulls

On the Cranial Characters of Peruvian Races of Men

Here’s a more modern analysis of the cause of the head deformation: skull binding.  How do they know it’s skull binding? Because the devices used to bind the skulls have also been found by archaeologists.

Artificial Cranial Deformation at a Tiwanaku Complex (1995)

If you’re wondering, “Yeah, but what about Akehnaten and those weird skulls?” I already blogged that here, posting a 2009 medical journal article on this.<-->

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  1. Sorry for some the grammatical errors, should have done dome proof reading of my writing. Again, it is your move Mike.

    • whatever – see my earlier post. If you are so smart, put up the data. I’m not holding my breath here.

  2. Oh, Jesus folks! Mr. Genius here knows it all!
    This is an easy debate, then.

    You sir, produce me some primary textual data that prove they do not or that is not imperically possible.

    And I will get together my trove of unique circumstances and we can debate from there.

    • you still haven’t made it clear what we are supposed to be debating. Can you do that? Last call.

      Are we really going to debate “circumstances”???

  3. Mike,

    Do you believe in God? Don’t crawfish on this. You have a post that will validate that you do; or you elaborated to such a dgree that it appeared you were conceding to the fact of believing in God.
    So answer my question.

  4. I guess what I should be asking is do you believe in Alien Contact; yes, no? If not, then do you believe that some of the supposed claims are at best founded in some plausible fact. The more I banter with you the more I realize that I am daft for arguing with you. We can argue points of contention all day but surely we can beg some fundamental answers, to gather collected responses. And thus I would hope we could open the floor for serious discussion.

    Furthermore, do you honestly think that it is not, at all, even remotely possible that we have been at some point visited by advanced beings? Thank you.

    • I don’t believe we have been contacted by aliens. There is no physical proof of intelligent ET life. However, I tend to think that most people who report strange experiences and sightings are genuine – that is, they are not hoaxers. The issue is how they are processing the experience, though. Without actual data, it is not reasonable to jump from an unusual experience to pretending to know with any degree of certainty what it was. On the larger question, “could there be intelligent ETs out there?” I ‘d say sure, maybe. But without actual proof, it’s just pure speculation.

  5. Oh, and by the way. All science is based, in some respect, to circumstantial belief or knowledge. Until otherwise concretely disputed or founded. And unfortunately, these forums are a paradox for such a conundrum.

    Of course I am preaching to the choir in this respect.


  6. I just want to say thank you MSH for this site, it really opens the mind. You should however reconsider letting some of these replies on to your site since the needless banter adds nothing to the actual evidence. It really just seems like when asked for evidence the fanatics simply argue to keep themselves convinced instead of searching for the evidence or atleast admitting that they can not find said evidence. Yes science is based on speculation but it is than followed by evidence to support the speculation.

    • I presume you mean “deleting” some of the comments? I know what you mean, but I typically only delete items or block people who go beyond posting nonsense to getting profane.

    • Do you not read the posts, or the articles to which posts send readers? Ancient skulls have nothing to do with the Bible.

  7. was really exited to find possible new ground breaking information. Instead is just a huge load of dis-information…. to think at this day and age that UFOs don’t exist is to continue to think the world is flat… to put ONE link from 1995 as the proof that the elongated skulls are artificially done is not even worth me writing another word on this website bye

    • The link contained actual reasons for considering it fabricated, such as the marks of manufacturing. You don’t need 100 links to make a good case. You just need data. Whether the data has 100 bunny trails attached to it is irrelevant.

  8. You oppose sitchin but you have not provided any evidence to show that you are right. This is a really stupid situation as people seem to be expecting you to prove that you are right in questioning and speaking against sitchins claims.
    This is fairly complex for most people to understand (hence all these idiotic comments).
    It is like me saying I have a sports car and you say that I do not. You can not prove that I do not as you can not prove that something does not exist. If it does not exist, you can not prove it does not exist as there is no evidence. It ABSOLUTELY has to be up to the person who initially makes the claim who should provide evidence that what they say is true.

    All the texts are available online but people want you to show them that there is no mention of aliens etc instead of looking for themselves.
    I am reminded of an episode of Dilbert when Dogbert sells a totally bogus idea of Chronic Cubicle Syndrome. Dilbert does not believe who would believe in it. Dilbert points out that people believe in something not because evidence exists, but on the report that evidence exists without seeing it for themselves as they are “too busy”. It seems to ideally fit this situation.

    PEOPLE, you have a massive volume of data available, use it to prove your point if you believe in it. Anyone who makes a claim about text and does not reference it should not be believed. You should demand to be shown the bibliography!

    • No, no evidence at all … just demonstrations that his views are wrong, unsustainable, and fabricated via and this blog . . . not to mention challenging him to debate before he passed away, with an open letter to him for ten years running. And then there’s my videos, showing how you can check up on my criticisms of him for yourself — leaving you the trail that he never leaves.

      Nothing at all there to see.

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  12. Wow everybody is right, this is the disfunction of mankind instead of focus on the common and what we can do to evolve into a better version of ourselves, no we are busy hating instead of loving, truth will always be different for people what matters is what will make us change for the better. Peace and Love

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