Ancient Elongated Skulls: Alien Remains?

Nope.  For those who’d like a longer answer, read on.

We’ve all heard people on radio talk shows go on and on about the “mysterious” elongated skulls from South America. There are those who say that scientists and scholars refuse to look at this evidence, or that the same are befuddled to explain them. Not true, and not true. These skulls are so well known that you can buy replicas of them-sold by medical supply companies for the purposes of studying the deformation. Here’s an example from this medical supply company:

Anthropologists have actually been publishing on these skulls since the 19th century. Here are two examples from the 1860s and 1880s (scroll down a bit in each from the top to find the beginning):

On Ancient Peruvian Skulls

On the Cranial Characters of Peruvian Races of Men

Here’s a more modern analysis of the cause of the head deformation: skull binding.  How do they know it’s skull binding? Because the devices used to bind the skulls have also been found by archaeologists.

Artificial Cranial Deformation at a Tiwanaku Complex (1995)

If you’re wondering, “Yeah, but what about Akehnaten and those weird skulls?” I already blogged that here, posting a 2009 medical journal article on this.<-->

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  1. Just wanted to say that as a long time reader of Sitchin’s work, I was surprised and intrigued by your site. Did a lot of reading your PDF analysis, etc… Thinking to myself “Wow! This guy got something here!”.

    Then I got to the bottom (comments) section here. It’s amazing that with just a few comments you could completely destroy your credibility by being such a prick. After seeing (reading) your attitude towards people who don’t fully agree with you, some of which only diverge from your beliefs very slightly, I’ve come to the conclusion that your just a prick who possibly has a personal vendetta against Sitchin. Jealously? Idk… Too bad.

    Maybe spend less time on your website (Sitchiniswrong) and a little more time developing your social skills… Either that, or hire a PR manager.

    Or you could always stfu and let your work do the talking you pompous prick. Lol

    • this is such a well-reasoned response, full of data to consider that confronts my positions. I’m impressed.

  2. I rest my case.

    Your positions? Of what? Being a prick? You want sources? Should I provide links to the specific comments in reference? Can you refute my claim that your a social misfit and a prick with a “well-reasoned” response showing me that you are happily married with a loving family? Highly doubt it. Loser…

    • another quality, data-driven response. Dear J-Red, it isn’t MY job to put forth data to defend your position; that would be YOUR job. And my responses are designed to get you to put up or shut up (or show yourself incapable of putting up — which you are accomplishing with aplomb). The great thing about the internet is that your incapability to produce real evidence will live here forever.

  3. i am amazed that all over the world we see over and over again ancient man telling the same stories, yes stithen gets carried away, but do you think ,i mean seriously that all these people that are from all different time eras and different cultures and different places all acrosss our planet could of all made up the same almost exact freaking story? over and over again and again from india china iraq egypt greece columbia mexico america , all these indians all these civilisations could keep repeating the same stories? its right there in front of all of our faces ,forget sitchin just look at the bible! i mean there it says and talks of the sons of god mateing with human woman! it is everywhere my friends, hopie indians incas aztec mayans egyptians greeks sumerians? i mean i did as you said and i still found the things i read very much the same old story! what are you doing ? so what sithens far fetched? big deal , i mean whats your goal man? kill sitchins ideas? go kill all ideas and all theories! i just find it hard to keep seeing many exsperts translateing the same story ove and over that someone came down fro the stars or from heaven or from a dimention and met us and taught us many things and sithins books are evil? or what? is he the only one saying these stories? or are they in the bible? exeikel ! begin at the first chapter whats he talking about? he he related to sitchin? LOL!!! i just care lesss of just one mans books but look at the biger story ,i tend to agree more with rico here. i guess and i guess you want to just say sitchins adding stuff in there< ok i agree, but man i did as you said and the things i read were still amazeingt to me!!!!!! all over the earth all people say the same thing. at one time these myths were a practiced religion, why is it the christian and muslim religion is considers real and its not also put as a myth, in time these religions may also fall into mytholagy!!!!!!!! we seem to be terrified to stand up and realize were under a godspell ,our parents claimed this or that was or is god and we are afraid of finding out the truth! and guess what the other possible truth is? if these stories are true then these gods or angels or astronauts are supose to come back right? well has anyone ever mentioned the possibilty they might not ever return?and that we are alone in the dark lost? trying to find out where we are what we are and where we came from? we might not even have any after life at all. i dont wish to accept this but its possible right? no one knows! so maybe we night have to create our own way to live forever? isnt that what exsperts are tying to do today ,i just read the cover of time magazine saying that man can live forever and they may of found the keys to the way to do so? maybe we are alone? maybe we are not? i do know that once upon a time we certainly were not alone! sitchin is only 1 of thousands of people that see theres an ancient wise beings that came from somewhere to earth and saw us and did all types of things with us and to us . ok you proof sitchin adds in stuff ok good job now what is next for you sir? move on. i think you can help us find out more with your knowledge instead of killing sitchens books. just my opinion forgive me. im lost trying to find my way home. Michael

  4. Revelations 12:7-11 “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil , and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

    Jude 1:6 “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.”
    i just wanted to show this . i fond this interesting ,its not from sitchins books! thia from exactly where you think, and its all over that book how much do i need to print huh? seems like something sitchn would write tho? does it or not? well he didnt write it. niether did i.
    its right out of the bibe.
    has anyone read the book of enoch? huh? he sounds a little bit like sitchin too doesnt he?????
    im not trying to be a smart alick here, im just saying if you like i can do this all day and night long with the bible and hundreds and hundreds of other books ! so who was this auther can you translate this stuff for me? tell me in hebrew then in english was the trranslations wrong here too? and in the book of jasher and enoch ? sounds like scarey stuff went on somewhere huh? yeah i know. and if its true? then what? well lets do this ok, i will keep finding crazy stuff like this that can realy scare the hell out of anyone thats a christian or muslim . but my friends this is all over the world in all kinds of books ancient and recent.
    have i ever seen an angel? or God? have you? yet we all or many of us have had some kind of spiritual exsperience we cannot exactly exsplain ! yes? would you agree? ghosts or dreams that came true? i can tell you of the 9 11 dream of eagles burning and a whitgch doing it just 7 hours before the 9 11 attack ,how is that possible ,of course some of you know im telling the truth ,i am not getting into all the tiny details right here cause thats not the topic ,my point is that all of us have within us some kind of extra sense! a 6th sense and at one time or another out of no where something has happend to the majority of you on this site or you wouldnt be here in the first place searching or makeing points or asking questions. so who are we? how the hell have i had so many strange things like the dream happen to me, come on imnot alone here, this is real.
    theres something inside of mankind thats pure power and purely limitless! is it so hard to think that the bible events above didnt happen are wont happen? are these angels inall religions old and modern? are dreams old or new? do i need to talk of being awake for days and suddenly out of know where i just knew something was in a certain place that i lost a week earliar out doors and i could go to that remote area and locate it! hey man this happens to us all in some way or another,please tell me im not alone here> i saw a man that killed himself 5 days after he was dead? how? it was clear and se thru, and i gave the discription of this dead man to people that knew him ,cause i never met him and then they showed me his photo ,how did this happen ? it was the same clear see thru figure of a man i saw ,again this happend after sleep depravation and lttile food dureing an emotional time of depression and fear ,but it happend. tell me we are not made up of some kinda of super hidden powers deep within our brains or our souls? come on lie to me ,or call me a whats my point? we have powers within us that we know little about,where did they come from? tell me none of this knida things never happend to any of you? sitchin? lets answer questions here forget sitchin.
    leave him alone. where does the power come from thagt men like bruce lee had? or edgar cayse? is sitchin the only one talking like a nut ? or is the bible nuts too? and enoch too and the book of thomas thats been taken out of the bible also along with enochs book? erick vondankin ah i think i spelled his name wrong. any way i know we must of been made by something way more greater than ourselves, just seeing the design of a snow flake one can see this.ok im just a nut , right.

  5. i guess , i also want to say i dont understand the whole anti sitchin site! why have you not posted on the things you have found and what have been led to beleive from them ,why cant you make a site that says this is what i think and what i get from the sumerian tests of ancient times? why are you to just destroy someone? sitchins just an out rite liar? well i dont respect the way you do it even if he is a liar if you had your own site of your own research and someone put a posting on it and mentioned sitchin and you responded by saying sitchin was a liar then i would accpt some of your views much more but i dont like you at all sir because you make an anti site against someone you use his mistakes to make money and self pride? you went about this the wrong way my friend!! you should of just simply posted my name is so and so and i am an exspert in the sumerian ancient writeings and this is my findings? why make money useing this guys findings opionions or misatkes? or lies of his? or does any one here see what im saying man? why come into the whole picture with the whole sithin is a thing?
    this was not the right way to enter into the picture. you could of made your money and your story told of your findinjgs you didnt need to steal fame from sitchin to do it!!!!! you used him to glorify youraself, bad idea brother! man that reay stinks boooooooooo! thumbd down pal ,very unkind rude mean cruel selfish nasty ugly and sick.
    you probably are a real jerk to hang out with looking at it too and a all around negative guy. ashame cause you do have some exspert knowledge but i think the guy that might of said an american dgree you got isnt as meaning full as others from other countries, might have a point i dont know but its odd that i keep finding all kinds of crap in history books as well but i still wouldnt make a martin lutherking is a liar .com site or a john f kennidy is a liar .com site or any was a liar .com site. i would do my own research if i were you, but im not you , im just a man trying to find his way back to where i came from, doesnt anyone see how lost we truely are as people and the only things we truely have in life is each other and love. and a little bit of time to love each other instead of or lets let my every thought be that of love my every word be that of love and my every action be that of would be better. but i too fall into fighting and argueing ,i too fall short of the glory of walking in the path of love but i notice amazeing things happen in my life when i surrender myself to the inner feelings i have of love for the universe and all liveingthings i give time to all the lonly people i see and the homless forgotton one and all the children i meet and the 6 kids i take care of. to live helping others and loveing all that i can is the only peace i have found sitchin and none of the ancient texts in your views or his or mine give me what love gives me. could the personality of buddha or the christ been made up? a personality that makes so much sense that when you try even just alittle bit to follow what these great men have said about love and not craveing selfish desire and surrendering to the inner true self , a special thing starts to happen within us! we become free of anger hate and pain. die of this worlds material things and we are lifted up into a higher awareness level. Krishna also said many many things that make so much sense and we also have the mysterious Lao Tzu and Confusious. and there are many more. these men were the most interesting to me not sitchin or you cause you men make money off this ,they did it all free! all for us! and they all died doing it. they all dedicated there lives to others not themselves and they are not forgotton for this reason alone! you and sitchin will be forgotton about im afraid not because your an idiot or because he or you are or night be wrong only because you did thids for money not for the people of earth! unlike these teachers you are full of yourself and they were emty of ego. they were emty so they became full ,full of radiant love and light, a force that i think moves the planets around the sun. not enki or enlil but rather the power of loveing others more than yourself . in saying all this i must say im sorry if i hurt your feelings i now regrete being so honest ,and saying what i feel cause i think i hit a home run here and thats my ego talking but if look closer i can see my ego and i can also see where i struggle to become like the great ages of old, walking in the light of and path of love. unconditional love shinning sunshine upon all liveing things. forgive me for being so hard on you, i guess im wishing to say please dont do this any more please erase sithcin is a liar .com and do your own site about you and all you know to be true and ill join it in your behalf. even better do it and dont sell anything for money,how does that sound? impossible to understand what im saying huh?

  6. now are you going to cut out all i said? i see my postings are waiting moderation sign? whats that all about? ah? i see whats going on ? this one too shall be erased huh?

  7. the moderation thing? is that to screen out what is said? or to cut out what you dont like? or to shorten things? whats its purpose? it is at this moment a bit disturbing to me. i also knowticed that i cannot send what i have to say to anyone else on your siter we are cut off from one another interesting cause ive seen sites where i can post and its not shortend or edited and i could click on others names and talk to anyone on the site here i am totally ay your mercy. huh? well we will se what you do with all i said ,at least i know you shall read it .

  8. i see here that you done alot of your own work, i apolagize, i will take a longer look at this, i went to fast. but i still dont like the sitchins wrong site, lets see now all you have to say ,its only fair

  9. Sitchin made grammatical mistakes, thus the ancient astronauts theory is wrong… nice logic… not

    • I keep wondering why people can’t read my site. The point is not grammar. The point (for about the 100th time) is that **what he says about nibiru and the anunnaki CANNOT BE FOUND in the texts.** I show people how and where to find the occurrences of these terms, and ask them to read through the occurrences. Why? Because I think they know Sumerian grammar? No (and, “duh”). It’s because I want people to read for themselves that the Sumerian texts do not describe the anunnaki as coming from nibiru (or any planet), that nibiru is something seen **every year**, not a 3600 year cycle; that the anunnaki are not associated with nibiru IN ANY WAY – ever – in the tablets. etc. etc.

      before you think you’re scoring some logic points, READ THE SITE MATERIAL.

  10. Hey, just came across this site through a bunch of random links trying to find more information about the “Anunnaki,” which a friend told me about. Reading this site and the comments on this page made me realize how important the skeptic movement is and the good work you’re doing. I had no idea so many people believed these sorts of things! I’ve dealt with crazy ridiculous beliefs in the religious realm a lot but this is new territory for me. Although I guess they all boil down to the same thing (believing claims that there is no evidence for).

    Keep up the good work!

  11. I have been looking for evidence that the conehaeds had larger brains than normal, and I can’t find it. I fact I can’t find anything one way or another. What have you guys found out? And is there evidence that cradle boarding or other head tweaking can cuase the brain to increase in volume?

  12. a complementary note on sitchin [this apart from his possible desires for profits] He may believe
    his theories, creating for himself and for others an alternate reality to believe in.. influencing
    people which are dissatisfied with the reality we are living in.

    All this process of creating new realities is natural specially for strong minds being able to influence others, however this process could be labeled occult each time it contains outright lies., it becomes unatural when it start conflicting with the truth.

    • I tend to think he did believe it, though I have had “insiders” in the conspiracy / ET lecture circuit say very nasty things about Sitchin’s motives (anything from money-grubbing to being a tool of some Illuminati group). I think self-delusion is more likely.

  13. i came here to be enlightened.instead i see bickering of old men.sad.i don’t think anybody is right or wrong.Furthermore i think sir MSH is a little cocky.but that’s neither here nor there.PROOF keyword.for the non believers and believers.Everyone submit your proof before your allegations please. also,is that a donation button there??wow. happy hunting truth-seekers

  14. what i am most intrested in about aincient culture is body mod and there difrent value but the elongated heads realy atract me and the notion you get difrent brain functions seems it has to be so but if you get more brains idk what about the bird seed test like they did on the star child skull and the human skull were star child held 1n a half more that there brain was biger it was a deformity said by our aothority figures but with more brain room could you not do that with elongated skull as well

  15. If anyone will ever notice, Mike never gives conclusive evidence for his findings, rather he regurgitates evidence backed by other thinkers, for whom of which could be scrutinized for their bias findings as well. If any person here was reading the blogs you would have seen this post:

    Mike reid Says:
    18 August 2010 at 10:25 PM.

    Mr Heiser thank you for your answers to all the tough questions. I dont know if God is real or if aliens are real. I cant explain why millions of people all over the world claim to have seen some sort of UFO but this whole idea about the oldest civilation known to man wrote about aliens really had me going. But thanks to you i am back to normal. Do you beleive in GOD??

    MSH Says:
    22 August 2010 at 4:05 PM.

    Yes. Thanks for the reply!

    Now how you take the opinion of someone as bias as that? A person who talks about logic and follows an illogical faith. Now ordinarily I would not attack someone who believes in higher entities, yet this irrational bedfellow constantly berates people and their opinions and scoffs at their approach, despite however improbable their statements or ideology. He cast me out from his Sitchin forum because he could never directly answer some pertinent questions I had about the tablets and knowledge of Celestial bodies. Most quasi-punduits of knowledge always brace for the logic script, without ever lending credence to the lack thereof in pre-dawn civilization. And they will quote some author or Doctor for whom cast only a one-sided opinion or scope and they embrace it as their own ideology and broadcast it as the gospel; the end all on the subject or subjects.

    Instead what you will find Mike doing is rather methodically ostracisizing people for their views, simply because they do not elaborate his own and showers down praise to those that do. He will say over and over, I am busy, I have a life-check my Sitchin site! So on and so forth. I have yet to see Mike truly engage in a conversation or debate in which he actually debates fact from fiction without copping-out with a statement of “illogical-argument” and awarding someone to a hall of fame for idiots. For all this man and his grandeur, have anyone ever heard of him and his accomplishments in his field of study, what paramount breakthrough has he contributed to society and all factors of knowledge? The answer is none. So he is so self-predicating and self-absorbed that he involves himself in a forum of debate over “mythology”, for which he postures himself to debunk, through logic and science and yet he continues to follie his own beliefs by enterating slight retorts and absurd attacks, without ever truly debating the subject.

    He is a feeb, amongst feebs! And he knows it. To all, check out his Sitchin Blog and despite if you agree with me or not, look at his response and lack thereof. And see for your self, what this, man, is truly made of, if you can call him as such .

    • What I do is simple. When people make ridiculous claims (like ancient astronauts), then the burden is on THEM to produce actual evidence for such claims. I therefore: (1) insist they produce such evidence; (2) insist they use sound logic when talking about evidence and drawing conclusions. This isn’t rocket science, and there is no mystery. I don’t need to argue FOR anything when someone else is making a claim. If they don’t want the claim evaluated, then they should not make it. How simple is that? We’ve now hit the ten year anniversary of me asking (publicly, before an audience of millions on Coast to Coast AM) that Sitchin and his followers produce actual tablets and tablet references for his alien ideas. Guess what? Nothing offered to date. Hey Gregory, maybe you can fill the gap where your mentor failed. I won’t be holding my breath.

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  17. Mike, my friend, I truly am not a Sitchin follower. I try to pride myself on following my own instincts and intellect. Fundamentally, Science is always on the button and can be replicated through method. However, every now and again, something extrodinary baffles and rocks’ the foundation of scientific theory and knowledge. Einstein, a man for whom we can all agree, far exceed our own intellect said in many quotes, void of each other and they list as follows.

    “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.”

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

    “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

    “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”

    and he also says, “For everything we think we know, we know nothing at all.”

    So yes Mike I will conclusively agree that mankind essentially is daft and easily pursuaded; it is a fault of our being. However, I find that people who do not promote convential thinking on Outer-World contact, influence or representation, are quick to debunk evidence put forth, however I have yet to see any person likewise to prove that their is an absolute fact that what people are learning and experiencing is a myth and part of a grand delusion.

    As for my your comment about filling in the gap where Sitchin could not, I truly have no remark to such an inane statement. My last post was only pointing out the fact you tend to elude debate and you are real crafty at absconding the point or question by overtly stating your methodology and your public appearances, purportedly begging for Sitchin followers to correct you.

    Fine and so be it Mike. I will chalk my older post on the Sitchin DNA portion of this Site, as I was not astute enough to grasp and underlining factor or point and that perhaps I am too stupid to grasp the obvious. I will choke that down, for this simple request and statement.

    We are no longer going to refer to Sitchin. We are on a completely different scope now. “We are pushing reset now.” We have a new scope of conversation and idealism.

    We proof have you that there are no other forms of intelligent life ?

    What proof have you that any intelligent life forms have not visited or that are not visting Earth to this day?

    Very simple, very layman’s in terms.

    Let us start a true debate, of course, unless, you are scared of being bested by a person lacking a college pedigree, such as yourself. I truly want to end this never ending discussion with mindless statements.
    Thank you

    • we can start the debate when you produce primary textual data.

      If you cannot meet this simple request – to produce actual textual evidence for your views, then I won’t be wasting my time or that of readers with your posts. I don’t debate what doesn’t exist — so you have to put forth data. It’s a simple, straightforward request.

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