Close-Mindedness, Thy Name is Zahi Hawass

Zahi Hawass is a good scholar. So why does he need to act like he’s in Palto’s cave staring at the wall? Really, Zahi, amateurs can discover things. It’s a matter of research and (surprise) looking somewhere someone else isn’t or hasn’t. No big secret. I’m no follower of Andrew Collins’ ideas on several fronts, but when someone like Zahi just can’t admit that someone found something he didn’t, it has the ring of paleobabble. Let’s give credit when it’s due.

2 thoughts on “Close-Mindedness, Thy Name is Zahi Hawass

  1. Perhaps look at his last name in two parts, Haw and Ass, anyway he is possibly hiding something he doesn’t want known or he wants to be Mr. Know it all as seen through his eyes.

  2. Could be that he’s there for a reason. To protect certain truths from ever being discovered.

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