10 thoughts on “Ancient City Found on Caribbean Sea Floor

  1. The supposedly unenhanced images are here:

    However I agree they look fake; If you look at a real city, they are not laid out in perfect rectangles, some amount of error always creeps in. I see no roads, no following the terrain’s curvature, etc. Even Brasilia, which was planned out by the Brazilian government before construction, looks nothing like these images — See here:

    The images look more like micrographs of a computer chip. Time will tell of course.

  2. I don’t think they are “fake” necessarily, just not what they look like. Looks to me like digital compression artifacts. You see this stuff all the time, not just with satellite photography but with a variety of digital images. Not the first time the mistake would be made. Interesting that researchers seem to think they can get funding to check it out though. They must have some reason to think it isn’t digital compression.

  3. Looks to me like digital artifacts. At GPS 19 42 04 74 N ; 71 43 15 20 W on google earth you will see them, however if you look around the same area you will see them on land and water… but could real. I’m not a pro.

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  5. Whatever this is, it is not ruins of Atlantis. No remnant structures of the lost isle (off Portugal) will ever be found since it was blown to bits and sank in a supervolcanic eruption in the 17th century BC. There is nothing left but a giant caldera on the seafloor (See Roots of Cataclysm: Geopulsation the Atlantis Supervolcano in History).

    • I think the general consensus was that it was some sort of reflection within the camera/satellite (someone else replied to this and had that explanation, but I’m not savvy enough on those matters to really parse it out for you).

  6. It must be fake as it is marcha 2011 and there is no other posts on the net since 2009 when it was posted what so ever. If this would be for real we all would see it on tv already. Shame : (

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