Leaked DNA Findings on King Tut

Very interesting post today over on Archaeoblog. The results of DNA testing on King Tut have been leaked a bit.  Now, this isn’t paleobabble, so why note it? Because there are some items of interest to the paleobabblers out there:

Genetic testing found evidence that Tutankhamun had been infected with plasmodium falciparum, the parasite that causes an often deadly form of malaria. The scans and genetic fingerprinting carried out on Tutankhamun also showed he had several disorders, some of which ran in the family . . . Using genetic fingerprinting, the researchers also lifted the veil on another mystery surrounding King Tut: his lineage. Using partial Y-chromosome information, the researchers determined that Akhenaten (..) was Tut’s father, and that Tutankhamun’s mother was Akhenaten’s sister. Tut also sired two children, both girls, but they died in the womb, the study found. (..)”

The two children alluded to would be the two “alien babies” paleobabblers love to talk about on the Web. Yes, they’ve been examined. Sex identified: girls.  But here’s the real relevant part for those who care about logical thinking. Thorough genetic testing has been done on the father (Tut) of the two children. He’s not an alien, nor is there evidence of alien DNA (I can hear it now: “It’s being covered up.” Yeah, and we can now expect the team of scientists working on this will all mysteriously disappear).  So that would in turn mean his children aren’t aliens or have alien DNA. Here’s the kicker, the tests show that Akhenaten, the famous alien pharaoh, was Tut’s father. How could it be that Tut doesn’t have alien DNA? Maybe . . . because Akhenaten wasn’t an extraterrestrial either. Just maybe.

On a more sane turn, the DNA also proves that Akhenaten (and thus his progeny, many of which have elongated skulls) did not suffer from Marfan’s syndrome. More recent work on Akhenaten’s condition has been done, and blogged here.

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  1. Careful examination of the genetic data (as first demonstrated by Kate Phizackerley in her excellent blog) shows that KV55 cannot have been the foetuses’ maternal grandfather and therefore cannot be Akhenaten. Tutankhamun is consistent with being the son of KV55 and KV35YL, who are both genetically consistent with being children of Amunhotep III and Tiye. Therefore Akhenaten is NOT Tutankhamun’s father.

    It all seems to have “gone down in history” now, as all the news streams repeat the erroneous conclusions of the JAMA paper.

  2. Tut was Ahkenaten’s older brother. He was the “firstborn son” killed in the last of the 10 plagues of the Exodus. Ahkenaten’s religious reforms were a direct result of having survived the plagues of the Exodus and having been shown first hand the reality and power of the “one true God” at the hand of his “step-uncle” Moses!
    For more information along this line see the website
    Of course modern conspiracy theories demand this is utter nonsense, which is typical in most cases of blatant cover-up of historical fact’s that verify the bible.

  3. What if Akhenaten was an alien child himself? What if the ‘Alien DNA’ used in Akhenaten is actually very human like? What if these “Aliens” were human like themselves? What if “plagues” were ways of destroying certain genotypes, ones with ‘impure’ DNA, or “corrupted flesh”? What if mankind was a genetic experiment being conducted by beings from the sky? Why does almost every religion/tale of creation have something to do with a “God” coming from the sky, and then knowledge being spread?

    • What if the moon is really made of cheese? What if dogs can really understand human languages but don’t let us know? What if toys really do come to life when adults leave the room?


      In the absence of any proof of “alien dna” with which to compare human dna, this is nothing more than useless speculation.

      • Ahkenaten and the pharoahs were Rh- the superior intelligent majority red haired race, also why they tend to interbreed as mentioned in the bible to the jews they do indeed have alien DNA by definition as Rh- is not found anywhere els and is speculated to be a ACCIDENTAL MUTATION,just as the ark of the covenant coincidentally is the exact same measurements perfectly fiting the inner chamber of the pyramids central chamber which is completley empty that is what moses took, thats why the pharoahs chased him and that was the power source of free energy of the pyramid.

  4. akhenaton and much of their family had marfan syndrome. While they found “no compelling evidence” they did not rule it out. The increased growth factor lead to the elongated skull that we associate with aliens. One need not be an expert at diagnosing various genetic conditions to simply look at his skull and see that his skull’s actual shape is reflected in the art accurately and is not artistic embellishment. Akhenaton (and Tutankhaten) benefited from increased intelligence and from precocious intelligence and height. Akhenaton was very very powerful, he was a serious religious scholar, and he was physically fairly strong in spite of what can be seen with the build of his hips, his stomach etc… Tutankhaten lived a much easier life and was not as physically strong. He did not even develop his skeletal strength as much as his father. I can’t tell if this was simply a matter of being very wealthy and lacking competition which was amplified by the lack of fibrillin and overloaded tgf-b, or if their was contribution from his mother’s genetics as well which caused the different physical strength and bone density. Tutankhamen was very intelligent although not as much of a physical presence as his father. Akhenaten died of an aortic dissection, the rivals who Akhenaten had ruled over (former polytheistic religious leaders) seized control and used the 8yo as a figurehead. Tutankhaten died of an aortic dissection around the age of 18.

    • The genetics in the Braverman article suggests that Marfan’s was not the cause of the abnormalities (because relatives didn’t carry the genetic signature but still had the abnormalities – as I recall anyway).

  5. Amun Hotep IV was Ankhenaton…..and what exactly is alien DNA or Ali-En or Ali -High and En – Ruler…. no where in this did it discuss his race and better yet his direct linage …. eventhough we know already, he was the christ of 2000 yrs ago o0f Yahudah wrongfully called Judah, Haady, Huda, Hadendawa….same tribe AD Bassa…..

    • I’ve posted several times on the Tut DNA study, linking to both articles that included links to the study itself, as well as the study. You have to spend some time reading the material to find the links (I know it’s dense, but it’s there). If you want a shortcut, Google “Tut DNA KV64 Phizackerley.” That will take you to Kate Phizackerley’s site. She has several very good essays related to the Tut family DNA study.

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