Zahi, Pyramids, and Playing to the Camera

I was recently alerted (thanks, Jennifer!) that the Fantasy (er…History) Channel is airing a new series (begins 9/8) called “Chasing Mummies.” Naturally, it features everyone’s favorite camera-shy Egyptologist, Zahi Hawass. The most interesting episode may be the second in the series, entitled “Bats.”  Here’s the promo:

It’s time for Leslie, the Executive Producer, to do Zahi a favor, and it requires going where few cameras have been before — to the mysterious caves below the Giza Plateau. Zahi is determined to disprove the theories of the so-called “pyramidiots,” who believe that there are secret underground chambers leading to the Sphinx. Little did anyone know that these caves were home to thousands of bats! If that wasn’t enough for Zahi, he’s also agreed to make an appearance at a local wedding celebration and as viewers have learned, Zahi’s likes to celebrate the dead…not the living!

Hmmm. Zahi going underground into the cave system under the Giza Plateau — you know, into the caves that he initially said didn’t exist (after news of their discovery broke; Zahi: “We know everything about the plateau – amateurs cannot find anything new”). Zahi later said these caves (that I guess came into existence after his opinion) didn’t need discovering (I presume because he didn’t discover them). Ya gotta love him.

7 thoughts on “Zahi, Pyramids, and Playing to the Camera

  1. Actually airs tonight at 10pm on the History Channel – This is about the sixth episode. If any have a type of video on demand from their cable company, chances are you can catch up with the previous episodes. And by the way, in a previous episode, Zahi took his three archeology fellows up to the five upper levels above the king’s chambers and on the fourth level, Derek, one of the fellows questioned Zahi concerning whether “slaves” really built the pyramid…Zahi, of course, when into a discourse about the building of the pyramid and when he asked Derek who he believes built the pyramids, he answered “space aliens”. Zahi’s reaction??? Priceless….

  2. Do you think he’s related to the Iraqi Information Minister who told everyone there were no Americans in Baghdad when they were a few hundred yards away? Their presentation styles seem rather similar!

  3. I don’t know Mike, I just checked the web site and found all the episodes detailed with their original debut dates at And if any can view past episodes, please please please, view the “Trapped” episode – besides the priceless Zahi reaction to the space aliens comment from Derek, I forgot to mention that the other fellow Zoe wet herself…again…the look on Zahi’s face…priceless….

  4. It was Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf not Tariq Assiz. Assiz definitely was a card though. Specifically the 8 of spades. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf wasn’t issued a playing card. I think the Joker would have suited him quite well as a card.

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