Hobbit Update

No, this isn’t about the travails of Peter Jackson’s prequel.

A new paper was just released on the so-called Homo floresiensis, popularly referred to as the “hobbit” that has been touted as a new species of human. This study (scroll down again) argues that the hobbit isn’t a new human species at all, but an iodine-deficient human.

All this biochemistry nonsense! I don’t know why these scientists just won’t get around to looking for alien DNA as the solution!

How the Pyramids Were Built: Aliens Not Needed Once Again

What a shock!

Check out this recent post from Archaeology Daily News (you may have to scroll down to see the actual story). Pretty sweet explanation for how correct stone orientation and placement was achieved — very simple and very clever. The architect’s theory featured at the above link argues and demonstrates that the Egyptians invented the building grid. My only question is why this is considered a “new” discovery. I’ve actually been reading through a book I’ll recommend early to all of you interested in Egyptian building that covers the basics of this — with pictures of grid systems and grid marks on the monuments (sorry, no pictures of aliens building or supervising). The book is Building in Ancient Egypt: Pharaonic Stone Masonry, by Dieter Arnold. It’s fascinating. Below are some pictures from the Google Books location for this book (selective, but representative – the pages with photos were not included in the Google Books preview).

Giant Teenage Caveman Found

Before this gets mis-reported all over the web on Christian sites that promote phony Photo-shopped pictures as proof of giants in the ancient world, I thought I’d post it. Here is the link; the photo is below. And I’ll save you the conversion time. 193 cm = just under six feet, four inches, not ten or fifteen feet. Unusually tall for Chinese (these days) but right in the range I’ve suggested constituted a giant in the ancient world (anything over six feet tall upward into the seven foot range — sort of like today on the higher end).

Jesus and Mary Magdalene: Husband and Wife in the Gnostic Gospels?

I came across this video of a presentation I gave some years ago on this topic. I really should keep track of this stuff. Had a full beard then. The point of the presentation is to show that Gnostic gospels (the “real Bible” to conspiracists and Dan Brown fans) does not have a single line indicating Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, or that they had a romantic/sexual relationship. It’s bunk (at least if we take the Gnostics for our source).

Michael Heiser: Gnosticism (part 3) – “Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene Married?” from Guy Malone on Vimeo.