New Evidence for Concrete Pyramid Blocks

This is pretty cool. At the risk of repeating myself, my view is that there is no *one* theory that accounts for all the pyramid construction methods. I see no reason why Houdin’s internal ramp theory cannot be working alongside a counterweight method, alongside a concrete method.

Can’t wait until some internet “researcher” finds the recipe for concrete in tablets given to humans by extraterrestrials!  Those poor, stupid Egyptians. Can’t do anything without their alien nannies.

Aliens Visited Ancient Wales? Nope

Archaeologists working in southwest wales have discovered an ancient prehistoric star map (scroll down at link). I’m sure this will leave the ancient astronaut community breathless with more tales of ancient alien technology transfer. For those of us who think more clearly, it’s actually a good teaching point.

How do I know this wasn’t alien knowledge? Simple. Here’s the part of the article that makes it clear:

Following the complete exposure of the capstone through excavation, it is now considered by several astronomers that the distribution of the cupmarks may represent a section of the night sky that includes the star constellations of Cassiopeia, Orion, Sirius and of course the North Star.

The point of clarity is the constellations. This standing stone is recording naked eye astronomy. And that’s basically always the case with artifacts used by ancient astronaut theorists with respect to “advanced ET knowledge” presumably given to humans in prehistoric or ancient times. They had eyes and used them. Instead of reality TV, they were glued to the heavens. It’s impressive, but it isn’t mysterious.

Antikythera Mechanism in the News Again

This post (scroll down) from the Archaeology Daily News site is noteworthy in that it brings out more clearly that the knowledge behind the Antikythera Mechanism is shown to be Babylonian in origin. It has long been known (far outside ancient astronaut paleobabble sources) that the Greeks inherited and utilized Babylonian astronomical material. It is well documented in Greek sources (see Tamsyn Barton’s chapter on this in her book Ancient Astrology). Where did the Babylonians get it?  Drum roll, please . . . the naked eye.  All of this is obtainable from naked eye astronomy — conducted of course for many generations, and then extrapolated via mathematics. Nothing supernatural or extraterrestrial here. Just a lot of human dedication and patience.

Back from the Annual Conferences, Soon Back to Normal

Just a note that I’m back after a week of conferences. Among the organizations holding meetings this past week were the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), the Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS), the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), the Institute for Biblical Research (IBR), and the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). Then Thanksgiving was upon us (hope you all enjoyed the day). I’ll soon get back to blogging.

New Dead Sea Scrolls Testing

I wonder how long it will be before the paleobabbling spin-meisters get hold of this and twist it to more absurd ends (and book sales).  Michael Baigent–can you hear me calling?  Here’s a new conspiracy for you! These X-rays of the scrolls reveal “lost” material . . . or maybe they prove the ink is made from chemical compounds “not of this world” . . . yeah, that’s it.

Anyway, for those readers still in possession of a full deck, check out this story of the testing and its actual purposes.

Challenge to the Akhenaten Identification of the KV55 Mummy

This link comes courtesy of the KV64 blog maintained by Kate Phizackerley (recommended to readers on several occasions).  Kate points us to a brief article on the Archaeology New Network blog from this past June which sketches reasons for rejecting the KV55 mummy as that of Akhenaten.

This link is relevant to the DNA testing of King Tut and his extended family which we have blogged about several times (see here, here, and here for a few). KV64 (Kate P.) had previously posted about the doubtful nature of the KV55 identification with Akhenaten. The bottom line is that, if the KV55 mummy is not Akhenaten, then his remains have yet to be found and the DNA research done on Tut cannot be linked to him as of yet.

While some Egyptologists would argue that Akhenaten’s remains were destroyed along with the attempt to eradicate his memory from Egypt, I think the obvious answer has been missed: the aliens who spawned him took the body back to their home planet.  It’s eminently logical, isn’t it? Since that big head of his is scientific proof that he was an alien, if his body is missing logic dictates that they took the body!  There can’t be any other more coherent explanation. I find it compelling. Now back to my journal article on Jesus’ appearances in potato chips.

Ancient Planes, Rockets, and Helicopters?

I feel a little embarrassed. I can’t believe I forgot to blog this, though I probably intended to redo the page and make it look nice. Oh well.

The last time I was on Coast to Coast, I threw this page together (in about an hour – I know, it shows) since I knew people would ask about “the alien technology” of ancient flight.  The page sketches some of the “evidence” for planes/gliders in ancient Egypt, helicopters at Abydos, and rockets at Byblos. Pure PaleoBabble. As brilliant as some ancient engineers were, there is no evidence that their technology moved in this direction.

My apologies for letting this go months without posting it

Promotion of Racist Theories Using the Bible

I recently discovered a book that I can’t wait to read called Adam’s Ancestors: Race, Religion, and the Politics of Human Origins (author: David Livingstone; Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008). The book is about how, in response to Darwinism, certain 19th and 20th century preachers and biblical scholars came up with the idea that there were races *before* Adam. They justified the idea with some truly bizarre Bible interpretation. Whether theologically conservative Christians and Jews who imbibe such ideas realize it or not, much of this is similar to “root race” theories peddled by occultists like Helena Blavatsky, whose esoteric teachings were one thread in the racial theories of people like Adolf Hitler. (And in case you think these ideas aren’t still around, spend some time on the internet).

Here are two reviews of this important academic work (an antidote to nonsensical Bible interpretation and misguided apologetics):