The Cardiff Giant Hoax

Many of you have no doubt heard of the Cardiff giant — supposedly a genuine fossilized human giant discovered in 1869. Despite the conclusive evidence for a hoax, one can still find pictures of the giant on obscure websites where it is assumed tobe evidence for biblical giants. There’s a new book out on the hoax (2010) that looks like a definitive work. It’s entitled, “A Colossal Hoax: The Giant from Cardiff that Fooled America.” You can check out the book’s website here. It just went on my wish list.

3 thoughts on “The Cardiff Giant Hoax

  1. MSH,


    I just listened to your interview on the antimatter radio show. You expressed a concern about the religious philosophies associated with the UFO community (e.g. Man is made by ET rather than God). That said, in the Cosmic Code (if my memory serves me well – maybe one of the other books) Sitchin attempts to tie in the creator God and Christ. Why would he bother doing that? Why would he undercut himself at the back end, only to extend the final conclusion that God created everything? Any ideas?



    • cynical answer: he was trying to get to heaven.
      less cynical answer: because he was an incoherent thinker in general.
      even less cynical answer: he was Jewish, and not a theologian or biblical scholar, so has no appreciation for how his ideas and attempted resolutions fail.

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