Lead Tablet Discovery: Let the Archaeology Presstitution Begin

Well, you know it’s going to happen. This sort of discovery, if valid, will introduce a new wave of archaeo-porn for archaeo-media presstitutes everywhere — and of course their mystic “researchers” across cyberspace who are just waiting for the next piece of antiquity news to twist into yet more revisionist mytho-history about Jesus and the early Christians. What fun!

Here’s a very nice posting (“Lead Codices Silliness“) that sketches the already-encroaching silliness factor. Now Robert Feather has weighed in — the guy who believes the Copper Scroll from Qumran is related to Akhenaten and his Aten-worship. Feather thinks the lead codices have Kabbalah written all over them. No kidding. All that from some pictures on the web. Now that’s scholarship. Is his last name an abbreviation of “feather-brain”? No doubt it will get even wackier (and yes, it can).

I wonder when the likes of Michael Baigent, Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas, and Lynn Picknett will get involved. Then we’ll have a non-sequitur Battle Royal on our hands.

19 thoughts on “Lead Tablet Discovery: Let the Archaeology Presstitution Begin

  1. Very nice update on this issue.. I was unaware of copper plate found at Qumran..
    duh MHS, i learned something new everyday..

    The fact that The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), does not support the “new find” is a good indicative that it is some sort of fake.

  2. well if kabbalah is written all over them, then expect james trimm and avi ben change my name mordechai to step in. they’re the experts-just ask them. but don’t ask them to produce valid degrees. they both hold kabbalah over scripture-oh-their version of scripture of course. i guess if the Messiah is actually referenced in these codices, and they prove reliable, they’ll call up fart ehrman to critically and academically discredit them. boy what a wonderful world. please keep up on this mike- we rely on you for sanity in an insane rush of fools.

  3. Yes I do claim the Copper Scroll and other scrolls from Qumran make a connection to Amarna. No-one has yet argued otherwise with any coherence. Simply bewilderment, like MSH. Unlike many armchair bloggers I have explored at Qumran and Amarna and my next book, to be published by Baird/Watkins next year, on the incomprehension by most scholars of the Scrolls will underline the validity of the connection . Oh and by the way I have physically examined many of the lead codices and whilst some may be fake others could possibly be genuine. Please check your facts before making off-hand remarks.

    Robert Feather

    • That’s because it’s so silly. Most scholars (lamentably) don’t want to waste five minutes on this sort of thing. Unfortunately, the academy insists they publish peer-reviewed material and makes their job security part of that process. They don’t want to waste effort on an Amarna – Copper Scroll connection. I know people in the scrolls field personally, and when i bring stuff like this up for their attention and review as specialists, they just roll their eyes.

  4. Although I am not an Archaeologist, I have researched, and studied the Bible, in depth, for over 25 years, and instead of jumping to conclusions, it is always better to check things out, Robert Feather is a man who has had his hands on the Copper Scroll and done just that.

    The Copper Scroll is something that most of us have only seen in photographs, or on the news, and so we have to trust that God will make sure that the Scroll gets into the hands of someone who has the ability to understand the things written in it. Many people have worked with the (Little Scroll) Daniel 12:4, 8-10. Revelation 10:8-11. and it has revealed some fascinating truths. If you read Isaiah 19:19. it tells a convincing argument that Akhenaton built his city right in the middle (Midst) of Egypt, just exactly where the (Altar) to Yahweh (Jehovah) is said to be.

    Also the Amarna (Akheteten) letters are completely in harmony with Bible texts, Akhenaton even worshipped the GOD of LIGHT, (Not) the sun, as many have mistakenly taught. The Essenes were called, the Sons of Light. Also the Scroll itself testifies to where it came from, by its very construction. As for dates, nobody seems to be able to date things accurately, or in agreement, so conflict arises.

    In short, the Bible agree’s with the Copper Scroll, (And) the Amarna Letters, So trust this, only a foolish person would ignore it.

  5. Another important issue with the Copper Scroll, and its (Valid) links to Amarna, is simply; there are certain one’s who, (do Not) want everyone to know where the contents of the Scroll really are, I wonder why?.. perhaps it has to do with the Silver and Gold, hidden in 64 different locations, even the scriptures confirm that this treasure exists, and Daniel 11:43 say’s that this (Hidden Silver and Gold) is in Egypt.

    But there is also a warning from God himself, that says; Haggai 2:8 The Silver is Mine, and the Gold is Mine, is the utterance of Yahweh (Jehovah) of Armies. See the; 2nd Temple. Haggai 2:9.

    I do not suggest that anyone who knows, and understands the Hidden message in the Scroll, wants to keep the Treasures for themselves, but they have said out loud, they want to protect it from Gold Diggers.

    But as Robert Feather rightly states; some of these treasures may have, already been found. Here are some links that I discovered for myself, completely independent from Robert, even before I had heard of Robert Feather, and his own discoveries. The Mountain of God (Horeb) is in the Western Wilderness, of Egypt, so is Amarna, Aaron; or (Aaron the Ark) as he is known, was the High Priest of Yahweh.

    Yahweh is mentioned in an Egyptian inscription from the time of Amenhotep 3 Akhenatons’ Father. Amenhotep 3 and Akhenaton knew the God of Light, and called him by his title; Aton, or Aten, Hebrew=Adon, Greek =(Almighty) and also knew his personal name; Yahweh (Jehovah) in English.

    And if you look at Akhenaton himself; He abandoned Egypt, took all the (Silver and Gold) destroyed all the false gods in Egypt, including anything to do with the Sun god of Heliopolis. He worshipped the God of Light, the Essenes are; the Sons of Light.

    And he built his City in the; (Midst) of Egypt, where the (Altar to Yahweh) is described in the Bible. At Isaiah 19:19. And there is so much more. The evidence is there. The only question is; Can You See It?..

    • it would be nice to see some actual Egyptian text citations for this stuff (wouldn’t it?). This is why I don’t trust people like Feather — it’s gibberish from his mind (or yours) without the Egyptians actually saying these sorts of things.

  6. I respectfully suggest that, seeing that the Copper Scroll is from God, and a testament to the accuracy of the Bible, and the Amarna letters have already been confirmed as accurate, that it would be wise to check what the Bible says; and not just leave it to your own misunderstanding, I understand that there is a lot of nonsense being spread about Akhenaton, but you will see that Robert Feather is a lot more Accurate than you give him credit.

    The thing that stands out most is; the early Egyptian people did not like Akhenaton, or the Hebrews, and especially, some hated Yahweh, and what he stood for, so they spent a lot of time and effort trying to discredit him, and it reminds me that not everyone can trusted when it comes to the truth.

    The point is; a lot of people just take what is said, at face value, and never check the scripture for themselves, check http://newcreationstudio7.blogspot.com All the scriptures are organised with maps photographs, and detailed Egyptian text confirming all the things I say; I don’t know Robert Feather personally, so my findings are completely independent. But I can say with confidence that he is correct about Armana.

    I spent 25 years putting this information together, so please just spend 25 minutes to check it for yourself. at least you can say that you looked before you dismiss all the evidence. best wishes Steve H.

    • There is no evidence that the Copper Scroll is from God (good grief). It’s a treasure map with little connection to the Bible, so it is pointless to use it in favor or criticism of the Bible. It’s like saying Calvin and Hobbes verifies Shakespeare.

      Please produce actual Egyptian texts (i.e., stuff Egyptians actually write) for your views. It’s a reasonable and straightforward request. I teach Egyptology, so it’s not news to me that the Egyptians hate Akhenaten. Everyone knows that. Big deal. What you need to further the discussion is actual material — texts that exist.

  7. The problem is, how can the very people that hated Akhenaton, and spent 3 thousand years getting rid of evidence, even stripped down the city he built, denied the Hebrews were even in Egypt, hated their God because he destroyed the Egypt of their time, and passed it down the generations, even want to see the proof.

    It does not matter what we think or believe, the Bible is undeniably from God, the Dead Sea Scrolls are Accepted World wide, as being from God, or do you even deny that?.. do you work for the C.I.A?.. because their policy is (Deny Everything) The Armarna letters were a big mistake, they missed out on destroying them, lets see; do you deny the Armana letters are Egyptian, maybe if you read them, you can let me know if they come under the term; Egyptian Texts, written by Egyptians.

    All pun aside, I hope you will have a change of heart, because the real evidence is everywhere, especially in Egypt. My last word is; There are none so blind as those who will not see. I am a Christian Hebrew, and a descendant of Akhenaton. So please be careful what you say about my Family, I would not dream of insulting yours. Shalom for now. but I would love to hear more from you.

    • where did the Egyptians deny the Israelites were in Egypt? Again, you fail to produce texts. Akhenaten has nothing to do with biblical theology (nor does the Copper Scroll). Your posts are some of the most jumbled sets of mis-assembled ideas I’ve seen in recent memory. I’m a biblical theologian by training (Old Testament and Semitics), and these topics have nothing to do with one another. Hence I am not using any of them to attack anything. If you can’t see that, you have bigger problems than this blog is capable of addressing. If you comment further and have textual data and text-driven arguments, I will allow it; otherwise, you will sadly be your own audience.

  8. Thank you, I hope you will accept the Prophet Isaiah, the Prophet Haggai, and the Prophet Daniel, as the text I use. Bible and history, tells us this story, the Hebrew God Yahweh (was known to Akhenaton as the (God of Light) see Isaiah 19:19-25, especially Vs. 21 and Yahweh will certainly become known to the Egyptians; and the Egyptians must know Yahweh in that day, and they must render sacrifice and gift and must make a vow to Yahweh and pay it.

    In brief; Isaiah 19:19- it tells of An Altar in the Midst of Egypt, and a pillar at the border, and is a witness to Yahweh, then it goes on to say; that God will send Moses, and he will deliver the Hebrews out of Egypt, then God will strike Egypt a blow, (At the Red Sea) it goes on to say; the Egyptian people, will Have to serve Yahweh, and then the Egyptians will be blessed by Yahweh, and in verse 24; (full quote) In that day Israel will come to be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, namely, a blessing in the (midst) of the Land.

    Vs. 25; (full quote) Because Jehovah (Yahweh) will have blessed it saying: Blessed be my people, (Egypt), and the work of my hands, (Assyria) and my inheritance, (Israel). So after Egypt started to Sacrifice to The (God of Light) the Blessing goes to All three nations; The only King in Egyptian History, that served one Exclusive God, was Akhenaton. And he did it in the middle (Midst) of the land of Egypt, at the City of tearing down, Akheteten, Or; (City of the house of the sun) Isaiah-19:18.

    But the connection to the (Dead Sea Scrolls) being sent by God, is; the (whole) book of Isaiah, it is the most complete scroll to be found amongst them. (Dead Sea Scrolls) Was Isaiah, not, Gods own Prophet?.. and was the copper scroll not found with it?..I don’t say these things to contend with you, but to find some common ground.

    The Copper Scroll is an inventory of Temple Treasure, the Temple belongs to God, so the Treasure belongs to him. Haggai 2:8 The (Silver) is mine, and the (Gold) is mine, says Yahweh of Armies.

    Daniel brings up this subject of the (Hidden Silver and Gold) in his Prophesy of; the Time of the End. (the King of the North) Daniel 11:43 And he will actually rule over the (Hidden Treasures) of the (Gold) and the (Silver) and over all the desirable things of (Egypt) and the Libyans and the Ethiopians will be at his steps. or (standing in Egypt) which puts the (hidden) treasures of Silver and Gold Firmly in (Egypt) at the (Time of The End) I can go on and on, but I do not think it will be useful, at this moment. I hope that we can find some common ground from these Scriptures. the thing is; God blessed; Egypt, Assyria, And Israel, at that time, and that is good enough for me. Shalom my Friend.

    • Isa 19:19 has nothing to do with Akhenaten. Isaiah lived in the 8th century BC, and his statement looks to the future, not the past. None of the verses you cite have anything to do with Akhenaten or the Copper Scroll. The metals in Daniel refer to kingdoms, not a treasure. We know that since Dan 2 tells us that.


  9. a complementary note to Michael H.

    “There is no evidence that the Israelites were in Egypt, not the slightest, not the least bit of evidence. There are no clues, either archaeological or historical, to prove that the Israelites built monuments in Egypt, even though the biblical description of the famine in the Land of Israel may be accurate. We know from archaeology that there was a migration of Canaanites to Egypt in the first half of the second millennium BCE, that these migrants built communities in the area of the Nile Delta, and that the Egyptians afterward expelled them from there. Perhaps that is the ancient memory, I don’t know.

    This from the leading archeologist in Tel-Aviv


  10. Steve H is spot on with most of his comments. MSH (What is his real name?) is like many Biblical students he is terrified of a connection to Egypt and Akhenaton, because it would undermine his life’s teachings. Has he bothered to read any of my books? He says he talks to others in his field. OK try talking to others in the fields of Egyptology – they talk a different tune because they are not pre-programmed to uphold Canaanite history and biblical convention. He clearly hasn’t read Hoffmeier with any insight. Try reading Israelit Groll, and a host of other scholars who are more than accepting the theory. My next book Black Holes in the Dead Sea Scrolls, from Baird/Watkins, is due out in August and adds more incontrovertible evidence for the Amarna-Qumran connection.

    • Robert, this is nutty (actually, it’s desperation in argument form). I could care less if there was a connection to Akhenaten. Why would I care? I know all these names. Whoopee do.

      And how can ANY of us take your research ability seriously when you wonder what my real name is? Try clicking “ABOUT” on the front page of this blog.

      Holy cow.

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