Lead Codices to Be Tested

Todd Bolen reports today that the lead codices already widely considered to be fraudulent will be undergoing testing by antiquities authorities. For those of you just getting up to speed on this, here’s a link to an overview of the reasons they are considered fakes.

I can only hope that the results of scientific materials testing isn’t allowed to trump the other data. What I mean here will be familiar to anyone who has ever read (or remembers the TV mini-series back in the 70s I think) a book by Irving Wallace called “The Word.” In that thriller, a fake Aramaic gospel was produced on authentic manuscript material via authentic ink dating to the first century. How it was pulled off in the story was ingenious, but relatively simple. So if the lead materials date to the first century, that settles nothing. The other data are still telling.

6 thoughts on “Lead Codices to Be Tested

    • no – lead plates like this may be available from digs and now in warehouses, ripe for forgery use. They don’t need manufacturing now. Same as Wallace’s manuscript forgery — ancient codices at times had blank pages at the end …

  1. Its made on ancient “recycled” artifacts..

    To the risk of offending religious souls, its a bit like the NT recycling ideas from OT. I’ve read
    MSH divine council excerpts from one the link he gratuitously provided; it is very concise and well annoted with references from NT to OT. It is insteresting as it explore and help explain the scriptures as it was probably intended by its many authors.

    The rest, I guess is a question of faith, some believes others le myself don’t.

    • recycling writing materials has little analogous value to shared ideas, so far as I can tell. And shared ideas need not be borrowed, either. They most frequently aren’t when it comes to biblical material.

  2. in insight not my intention to compare the vulgare codices with the scriptures…

  3. I agreed. I think you made a strong case that the NT tend to follow beliefs from OT..

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