Secret Mark Meeting Reports

There was recently a conference on “Secret Mark”.  The Evangelical Textual Criticism blog has provided play-by-play reports here, here, and here.

Professor Larry Hurtado has also added a few notes of his own in regard to some of what took place and was said at the event.

Every once in a while you have to throw something in amid the nonsense.

Continued Media Fail on the Fake Metal Codices

My title is that of Mark Goodacre’s post. The most telling line in the short note is that Jim Davila, an OT and Second Temple Judaism scholar who is following the codices fiasco closely, notes that “there is no attempt to try to find experts to comment on the piece.”

The archaeo-pornistas masquerading as journalists are either too stupid to find experts (how hard is that with Google?) or just want to peddle twaddle. Take your pick.