Ancient Aliens: Keeping the Fantasy Channel Afloat One Inane Episode at a Time

Fans of critical thinking are bound to enjoy this post over at the Bad Archaeology blog entitled, “I remember why I’ve never wanted satellite television.” It’s a “review” of the Fantasy Channel’s Ancient Aliens show. As funny as parts of it are, I especially liked the tag line of the blog on which I found the link (Archaeoblog):  Ancient Aliens: Watching It So You Don’t Have To.

16 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: Keeping the Fantasy Channel Afloat One Inane Episode at a Time

  1. Clearly he had the help of aliens… no human hair dresser is capable of either the technical prowess to produce such a hair do, or the imagination and abstract thought necessary to conceive of such a design.

    Notice how the wild shape of his hair resembles what hair would look like in a zero gravity environment… clearly whoever did his hair MUST have seen hair in a zero gravity environment.. there is no other explanation.

  2. Hi MSH,

    I hope I’m not so late in posting this as to not get a reply from you. I have read the Facade 2x, and many of your articles. I love your work! Kudos’s to your sir for standing alone with confidence. I admire that.

    A couple of key issues that I have not seen you deal with, not that you haven’t, I just haven’t seen them.

    I think Ancient Aliens is an important show. The first 4 episodes anyway, not sure about the rest. Here is the thing, the “Aliens helped/created man” is plausible. I.e. it’s not out of the realm of possibility, and I submit that if one approaches some of the great mysteries of life from this angle, it makes sense.

    In regards to ancient structures ( i have read all the other articles and responses – good stuff, great site!!) — I think we can all agree that ancient man was intelligent and could build these massively complex structures that baffle us today. The question is, why? It couldn’t have been easy for them by any means. So why? Why build at such a high level, why build with materials not found locally? Why? We build today because it makes sense, and we can do it fairly easily. So it should go without saying our forefathers would have approached building the same way, which begs teh question, why?

    We have NO TOOLS that would prove these sites were built by man. None that I know of, which doesn’t mean there aren’t any. It would literally take thousands of years to build one of these sites using W.T. Wallington’s techniques, as cool as they are, and for what purpose?

    Race – just because Western man has forgotten how important race is doesn’t mean it has stopped being VERY, VERY important. Each race is distinct physically and intellectually, and science has proven this time and time again, not to mention common sense tells us this each time we watch the news. That being said, I don’t see any South American civilizations with the capacity to build these massively complex empires today. They have had thousands of years to recover and rebuild. Yet nothing. Why?

    The great pyramid is a battery? It makes total sense and actually explains how some of the massive stonework was done in Egypt, and frankly why the pyramids are there. To build something that size, with 4 small seamless tunnels out…it’s the best theory running, IMO.

    You say there is no evidence of aliens. Have you seen the Disclosure Project’s presentation to the National Press Club in 2001? It’s free, and it’s here, and according to the bible if 3 or more are in agreement then it will hold up in court:

    The bible is full of discrepancies, and it isn’t inerrant as I once believed it was. I have read every debate at least once, the good ones 2 or 3x on (debate section: I have read countless books for and against biblical accuracy/truth/prophecy etc. The last one “Misquoting Jesus” which deals with textual criticism. The bible is historically accurate and is still, possibly, the most important book in the world. Especially the OT, and Genesis + Enoch.

    Based on all the a for mentioned points I believe, at this time, that we have indeed been visited by advanced beings. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a God, however I believe it is a logical conclusion believing aliens exist, have visited the earth, and have played a part in our history and / or existence. It seem most definitely plausible.

    Wouldn’t you agree :-)

    • Scott, like yourself, I once believed that the ancient alien theory was plausible and even likely. For a really brief period, I even thought panspermia was plausible. As a Bible believing Christian, I entertained these thoughts and felt that somehow I could fit these into my Judeo-Christian paradigm. However, upon actually sitting down and reading the Scriptures, I knew that these theories were not possible. How, then, could I fit the physical evidence of those baffling, ancient structures? I agree that, in my opinion, ancient man could NOT construct some of those mammoth edifices that we see across our planet (ie. Puma Punku, Baalbek). Then, upon reading the Dead Sea Scrolls, I simply substituted the ancient aliens with “angels”, and NOT the other way around. Yes, “angels”: supernatural “heavenly” beings, falling from their first estate rather than a physical entity, traveling across the galaxy in a constructed spacecraft. Then it all made sense. Before you write me off as a naive Christian, I plead with you to go online and watch the 2004 Ancient of Days Conference in Roswell:

      Of course, Dr. Heiser was there and his discussion was excellent. But, combine that with David Flynn’s discussion connecting these “angels” to the Earth, and it is UNDENIABLE as far as this Christian is concerned, that these “entities” are indeed consistent with Scripture and even explain some of my concerns that I originally had with the Bible. Again, I plead with you to watch this vid and I promise that at the very least, you will be amazed! Oh, and I too have the facade and have read it twice!

  3. Hi MSH, thanks for responding, and I didn’t mean to end my previous post in a snide or pretentious manner.

    I just want to say I used to be a subscriber to your letter, and feel your position in the Christian/UFO community is very important. My guess is you get approached from time to time by inquiring individuals desperately trying to hold onto their faith, and looking for answers. You should write another book.

    Off topic – are you familiar with the Raelian movement? The book Rael wrote and formed his cult around – the one an alien told him to write (ah, right) – is interesting, the first part. Rael blatantly plagiarized a book written in French, in 1969 called “Those Gods who Make Heaven & Earth” by Jean Sendy. Jean Sendy on the other hand, is an intellectual of your caliber: (page in French, must translate (use chrome, it’s easy)). I have a translated copy in .pdf if you want it.

    • I’m familiar with Rael, but not Sendy. I’d love a translated copy (thanks); just send it to me by email.

  4. @ scott MSH relies mostly on his knowledge of the scriptures. ie what it does say.Like most people interested in the Bible , he would like to prove that what the bible say is true by finding chronological proof in archeology. problem is the more the biblo-archeologist attempt this the more it resort that the bible was manipulated for political reasons the same way the truth is still being manipulated by the zionist movement to this day with their agression to the palestinian people and really there is nothing jewish or christian with these doing. In this high level myth of rightwings ideology they are to the point of having heroic americans batlling aliens in movies.. instead of growing veggies and eradicating starvation,

  5. Now to the point of having been created by aliens.. there are no physical proof of it. On this you can’t blame MSH for not believing. Gnosticism rejoice MHS theory of god creating supernatural being including humans (and its soul).. although this was declared heretic
    also of note , if you were trying tolive according to scriptures (any of them ) , you would see its impossibility, it is just not natural

  6. The biggest thing I have learned here and other sites regarding these topics, is that man has an opinion on everything. The awesome thing about that is we can squabble over meanings, intentions, theroies including but not limited to religious meanings and politics. We do this in hopes of finding the facts of life and how we understand it. While many things here and on other websites can be found to be true its because of of our lack of compromise we can find out our significant truths of where we come from, who made us and why we were made. Funny thing is almost all of these sites and books I have read conclude that there is more to ourselves than individually we could ever know.

    Some say God, I believe that too, other say micro-organisms ect is where or who made us, oh lets not forget aliens. Be it God, aliens or evolution one thing is for sure, its never seems to be enough that we agree on something greater or outside ourselves made us but because we are limited we then have to argue or discuss who made us. All I know is in all the writings, scriptures, medical and scientific books and the likes, another man or woman wrote those words all of which is derived from some earlier theory or belief that someone else had or one that was self made from indepth studies of ancient or old writings that again were written by someone elses hand.

    All I know is kind of like what Einstein once said, “This I do not know, but God, he knows the answer.” (Might not be exact) Which brings to point, the words in the parenthesis or the statement it represents, is that this has happened for as long as we exsisted but our intent on finding or knowing the truth not form ill intent. SO as to our existence, Be his or her name be God, or be it an Alien, is it not all the same no matter what tag we give it. Sure you can say of course it matters, and I agree to some point, but our knowledge, like our universe will always be expanding just as long as we continue to try and answer these great questions.

    In closing, thanks for enriching my knowledge, even those that post their replies like I have. Its because of all of this I am sure that one day my individual mind and soul will learn in time, whatever that is, the greater truth of not just who I am but who made me or better yet what his or hers name is and I believe that once I learn that, its going to start all over again just as it has in this lifetime as I learn a greater truth through that personal interaction I will get to have. But until its my turn I must stand in line and wait for those ahead of me to finish their visit and again just like now, tell me what truth it is they learned and what they now wish to know.
    So just like I learned the ABC’s and 1+1 =2, I am sure all these things added and subtracted along the way will help me discover non-arguable sums to all these colorful equations I am putting toether. Keep up the good works.

  7. Hi guys, been a while. Hopefully we can keep this thread alive.

    The foundation to my position that a superior race from another planet created us stems from my research on evolution vs creation. I believe the evidence overwhelmingly supports creationism, and would be willing to debate anyone, that evolution as it’s taught in schools takes as much faith to believe as does the earth being created in seven days – once you know the facts.

    There is no empirical proof of evolution – none. There is macro and micro. Micro yes, macro no.

    Six reasons I believe what I do:
    1. Creationism is provable, evolution is not.
    2. The Bible is a historically accurate document. It’s never been disproved in regards to places, or events. In fact, it’s the starting point for many archaeologist today. Why would it lie about the miracles, and it’s the miracles everyone has a problem with (occam’s razor).
    3. Those miracles can now be accomplished or are answerable with technology.
    4. Not every race is capable of building the massive empires of old (each has distinct characteristics that have never changed, as far we know) .
    5. The Disclosure Project (Dr. Greer).
    6. First four episodes of Ancient Aliens (on netflix)
    7. Ants.


    • I’m lacking precise context for your comments since this post is so old, but here are some random thoughts.

      Creationism really isn’t provable since it requires proving the existence of God, which is not provable. I think you mean to say the idea of a creator is “viable” (which is what many ID theorists say, but not all – some ID people are not theists). #2 depends on one’s definition of an error, and that’s sort of an academic circus. #3 is problematic because it presumes knowledge of causation (good luck). #4 is also a logic leap — how would we know if a race wasn’t “capable”? Just because they didn’t build X doesn’t mean they weren’t capable (but I can’t actually recall why you are making this comment). #5 lacks an explanation. And Steven Greer fancies himself as some sort of alien-channeling avatar anyway. Not what I’d consider a reliable source (nothing that resorts to channeling is). Not sure what #6 or #7 mean.

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