New Meta-Site for the Lead Codices Hoax

Thanks to Mark Goodacre for alerting the blogging community to the new site by Steve Caruso that aggregates all the data and evidence pertaining to the lead codices fakery. Very handy and very well done.

6 thoughts on “New Meta-Site for the Lead Codices Hoax

  1. It’s amazing what people will do for money. Not only that but to see how many are completly corrupt.

  2. may be the most authentic codices are the nag hamadi library linked to this site; itis interesting however MSH belief in supernatural being like the divine council and compare to the supernatural being governing the aons of gnoticism.

    I would like more opinions on the issue..

    • I’m not really following this comment – ?? The meta-site has enough material on it to keep you busy for a good while (follow the links).

  3. @ MHS , yes its absolutely interesting.. there is debate about the age of the gospel of thomas; good history about valentinuis and how gnosticims influenced christianity…

    these are good links and lots of info not know to me…

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