Doctoral Degree for Ancient Astronaut Theorists

I saw two items today that have convinced me that the PaleoBabble blog needs to begin awarding the PhD in Non Sequitur Thinking for ancient astronaut theorists.

The first is this wonderful post from the Skeptophilia blog. Please read it. It is an uncannily accurate accounting of how ancient astronaut conspiracy theorists think (and it’s entertaining).  I loved it since I’ve lived it (too many times). I hereby infer, with all the authority invested in me by virtue of the possession of a sound mind, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of Non Sequitur Thinking on the student referred to in Gordon Bennet’s Skeptophilia post. May he wear the mantle well. My thanks to professor Bennet for recommending his student for the degree.

The second item comes from my comments page. Karku asked my thoughts on one Maximillen de Lafayette, whom the commenter is apparently having trouble tracking down in terms of credential verification (what a surprise). Basically, de Lafayette seems to want to be the heir apparent to Zecharia Sitchin’s gold train, and so claims expertise in about everything pertaining to the ancient world, along with authoring hundreds of books and thousands of other items worth reading (!). After yawning and chuckling, here was my short response:

1. It matters not how many publications one has if one is writing only for the uninformed. Rather, when one subjects one’s views to experts in the relevant fields (i.e., subjects one’s work to peer review) and they determine that such writings pass muster, THEN and only then should we care.

2. If Mr. de Lafayette lacks real credentials from real universities, then he is a liar when it comes to his credibility for saying anything about any ancient language. I don’t know if he’s lying. I’m giving you a chance to defend him.

3. Who cares if he “takes Sitchin further” when Sitchin’s material is bogus?  Taking ideas that do not exist in ancient Mesopotamian records is like taking the anatomical study of unicorns “further.”  Caring about his work would therefore be a waste of time.

My guess, of course, is that Lafayette knows even less about ancient languages than Sitchin did, which wasn’t much, as I have noted elsewhere. But maybe he studied something somewhere and can prove it. All this before we even get to the non sequitur nature of his work.

11 thoughts on “Doctoral Degree for Ancient Astronaut Theorists

  1. Anyone that takes time to look through MDL’s books will find that he doesn’t write them or at least not any that I have seen. They are nothing more than articles stolen from the internet without permission of the actual author and compiled into a book.

  2. I actually went through several of his books and all except one article (the one he actually wrote, out of the entire book) were available totally for free on the internet. The people that I knew and checked with who had articles in his books never gave permission for him to publish or use those articles.

  3. BTW, I have a good reason for being Anon, which is not something I normally do. I assume you (MHS) can see my email and if so, you can email me and I will explain why.

  4. I have been reading your blogs for a few months now. Between the new posts and the ‘backreading’ I have received much education and real entertainment. I must say that with this latest ‘twofer’ you have given me much in the way of reading pleasure. Particularly from the ‘truthism’ link. Thank you! But I must ask. Will the new PhD award mesh in any way with your ‘Aaaarrrgghh! Awards’?

    • anyone nominated for an Aaarrrrgghhh! award would also be a candidate for the PhD (but you can only received the degree once).

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  6. i am interested in doing structural engineering research on ancient alien structures, ancient alien structural materials..can any stake holders or experts of the theory provide or guide me to a research leading to doctorate degree..please..thank you

  7. I’m looking for unpicked ancient alien wreckage that may contain gold, silver or other precious metals or anti gravity, ray guns or flux capacitors . If anyone can give me any info on how to locate one of these ships it would be greatly appreciated.

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