The Google Earth Atlantis Conspiracy

Two years ago I blogged about alleged “structures” detected under the waters of the Caribbean via Google earth. Naturally, the paleobabble lobe in the brains of many people began throbbing away, directing them to the “truth” that Atlantis had been found. Fortunately for me, I had someone in one of the college classes I was teaching who knew something about imaging. She said right away that the “structures” were imaging quirks — something Google later proposed as well. I can now direct readers to this short post on the images from the Skeptophilia blog. Google re-imaged the areas and guess what? No structures.

Let the “cover up” conspiracy-speak begin!

3 thoughts on “The Google Earth Atlantis Conspiracy

  1. Well, clearly Atlantis, with its advanced knowledge and technology, was the original settlement of the Alpha-Draconian lizard people on our planet. At that time they made the mistake of openly declaring themselves and asserting direct dominance over human civilization. This lead to the over-throw of Atlantis.

    The destruction of Atlantis, in turn, forced the Alpha-Draconians to go underground… literally, and thus they took up residence inside the hollow earth. From whence they began to once again spread their nefarious influence over human society. They have done so down to this very day. In fact, they have no gotten to the point at which they control most of the world’s governments and industry by having well placed agents, disguised as normal humans, who are in fact lizard people.

    When Google Earth published the image showing the ruins of the original Alpha-Draconian settlement, this was a great threat to the Lizard people because secrecy has been their best weapon for millennia now. If archeologists were to actually find traces of their original city, their existence and true nature would be exposed and the human population might begin to form organized resistance. As a result the immediately moved to take control of Google, which they have successfully done.

    With that accomplished they released new, sanitized images of the ocean floor showing no ruins, with their poorly constructed cover-up story. Grid lines and imagining artifacts indeed!

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  3. I will listen to and often read kooky things that are fantastical and that I may not agree with, ie… Atlantian speculation, but I am going to have to agree with an image expert here. Thanks for posting.


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