Ancient Aliens Debunked: The Official Trailer

I’m guessing all PaleoBabble readers know about the Ancient Aliens series put out by the Fantasy Channel (still though of by many as the History Channel). I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be interviewed later this summer for the documentary film response, Ancient Aliens Debunked. If you visit the link you can sign up for email notification when the documentary is released. It will be FREE and viewable online. The trailer is below. The film is being produced by Chris White. Since the documentary will be free, all of the expense incurred by Chris is his own. This has been true of his online and YouTube ministry since its inception. Please visit his site to donate and help support this project!

37 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens Debunked: The Official Trailer

  1. send me the scientific report on the gene disk and then I’ll spend time on it — or a link to something succinctly written on the web. I’m thinking the latter may be out there; the former won’t be, as this is more crack-pottery (but that’s what I like). I just don’t spend any time on YouTube (and if you’re doing science research with YouTube, that says something in and of itself). Why not do surgery with a spork?

    Spell-check: It’s “constellation.”

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