A Case of Credential Envy?

I just read a short but telling post by Jason Colavito on the blog that bears his name entitled, “The Dubious Authorial Accomplishments of Gorgio Tsoukalos.” Gorgio is the star of  the cinematic tribute to non sequitur thinking known as Ancient Aliens. Jason examines Gorgio’s publication credentials which have been used (frequently) to promote the show and his expertise as one of its content sources. Those to whom things like credentials matter will want to have a look at it.

9 thoughts on “A Case of Credential Envy?

  1. “Gorgio is the star of the cinematic tribute to non sequitur thinking known as Ancient Aliens.”

    That’s the best quote I’ve read all day. Reminds me of a discussion with my daughter last Friday…

    Madi: “What are you watching?”
    Me: “Ancient Aliens.”
    Madi: “What’s that?”
    Me: “It’s a really lame show.”
    Madi: “If it’s lame, why do you watch it?”
    Me: “Because as a Christian I end up arguing with people like them all the time.”

  2. Maybe he is the ancient alien, his credentials are east of mars. His hair is some kind of alien radio receiver.
    First time I saw him it was like yeah, the doubters will really pay attention to this guy.

  3. What made it even worse was that it was the “Aliens and Bigfoot” episode. They somehow managed to scrape the bottom of the barrel even more than I thought possible on that one. I was going to joke that next season there will be “Aliens and Nessy” but I’m pretty confident the show will eventually have to go there.

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