David Hatcher Childress: A Survey of His Self- Contradictions

I wanted to draw readers’ attention to this post by Jason Colavito. It documents the “confusion” of Hatcher-Childress on whether he believes in ancient aliens or not. Is it confusion, or opportunism?

7 thoughts on “David Hatcher Childress: A Survey of His Self- Contradictions

  1. Great article. Shows how most of these guys are in it for the $$$$. What a sad thing, especially since I have friends who have left the faith because of this nonsense.

  2. Michael,
    I would prefer to give David Childress some slack. He’s probably learning over the years as he goes along, as we all do. E.g., only in recent years have all those planets around other stars been discovered — we must wait longer for Earth-sized ones farther from their stars to be discovered. But he’s got alot of evidence to go on, re ancient aliens, upon connecting the dots:
    (a) All the UFO evidence (from eye-witnesses and/or photos) of the past 65 years, many of which have exhibited intelligent behavior. E.g., see http://www.nicap.org/waves/1948fullrep.htm for ones up through 2008. (Too many since then for them to keep up with; others have)
    (b) For cases with sightings of alien entities, see http://www.ufocasebook.com/aliencontactcases.html
    (These go from 1896 to 2005 — 81 cases — a good portion of them are human in appearance.)
    (c) A chronology of many more UFO cases extending from the present time back to 12,000 B.C.:
    http://www.bibleufo.com/ufos1.htm (mostly all non-biblical)
    (d) All those gods & goddesses (just google “gods and goddesses”).
    (e) Then there are the structures on the Moon, including the “Shard” and the “Castle.” E.g., see http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/luna/esp_luna_26.htm , not to mention structures on Mars.
    Who can blame Childress and many others for connecting the dots? The “dots” are so close together they look like lines. So please allow him some uncertainties on “how they do it.” Although some aliens may be capable of time travel, I very much doubt that they’re from the future or past — one needn’t agree with Childress on it all. I do agree with him that they don’t use rocketry to get here — they’re thousands or millions of years past that, yet he might well describe some UFOs as of “rocket” shape or speed.

    • James

      I of course know about many UFO cases. but just because something is unidentified and exhibits controlled behavior does not mean it is extraterrestrial. That would be assuming what needs to be proven. I don’t think Jason’s piece about Childress was aimed at how Childress connects the dots (though Jason would have no time for the way he does); rather, it was about Childress’ own ambivalence. It would be nice to know what changed his mind so that one would not easily conclude it was fame and money.

  3. How many of these guys are in it for the money?!?

    Are you kidding?!?

    How cynical, critical, negative and make wrong must you be???

    Selling a few books here and there to people who come across his website ….books co relating 1001 different researchers and stories/ reports… and appearing on a show here and there…yes…millions….Ah duh!!!

    It is obvious he does it because he is passionate!

    If he did something only for the $ I am sure he would be in finance or real estate….

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