Promethean PaleoBabble

Hat tip to Jason Colavito for this link to a piece on Ridley Scott’s new movie. When you click through, take note of the titling of the URL itself: “dazzling dumb-ass theology.” What a perfect, poetic description of the film and the ideas it conveys. Can’t wait to see it!

2 thoughts on “Promethean PaleoBabble

  1. Hi Mike
    Saw the movie last night (no comment since you haven’t). For various reasons I did a bit of research before and after seeing the movie. Hoping you will have some comments on it.

    A few links that you might find very interesting:
    1. An short interview (in print) with Ridley Scott. Gives a bit of his worldview and view on Ancient Aliens.

    2. A webcast with Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof. It’s about 20 some odd minutes long. Skip to about 18:00 and listen in to a question posed about the relationship between the mythological figure, Satan in the garden, and the movie. Their initial response to the question is (me-thinks) quite interesting.

    3. If you go to the official site of the movie and then to the timeline (, you’ll find only one interactive icon. It’s on the date 10-11-12 (way at the bottom). If you click on it it will bring you to – . Interesting connection to Nietzsche.

    I’m hoping to use some of these things as a bridge to speak about the truth with others. Again, your thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.

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