Satirical Music Video Targeting Nibiru 2012 Mythology

One of the members of the Boston-based rock band, Metaphor for Everything, sent me the link to a new single, accompanied by a note that the song was inspired by my Zecharia Sitchin site. Apparently the site convince one of the band members to leave the ancient astronaut fold. I got a chuckle out of it; some clever lyrics. I also liked the swipe at Harold Camping in it.

And for those ancient astronaut fundies out there who take that material too seriously, the song is a parody of the Sitchin/Nibiru/2012 hysteria — it’s not a suicide anthem.

3 thoughts on “Satirical Music Video Targeting Nibiru 2012 Mythology

  1. Excellent post, being a musician I get to share this with all my friends plus linking them up to this very useful blog. Thanks, Dr. Mike.

  2. Well, I like the internet memes[1] coming together, in case some people didn’t recognie it[2], they are making fun not just the Nibiru crowd, but also of Neoshamanism, aka Terence McKenna[3]:

    Where, well, the 2012 fun was one of the things McKenna was into. Though it’s not confined to the DMT crowd. No idea how much the ‘fandoms’ overlap in real life, maybe I should resume[4] my ethnographic studies[5].

    That being said, funny song.

    [1] Yeah, I usually detest this word and wonder what Dawkins was under when he proposed this metaphor. But it has it’s uses.
    [2] I know a Nevermore fan who didn’t get the pun in the title of one of their albums…
    [3] And we all know from the X-Files what happens on ayahuasca *g*:
    [4] Err, I’m a molecular biologist sometimes helping out with the ‘whale biologist’ crowd, I ‘m a history/antropology geek, I like to dance to some electronic music, e.g. EBM and psytrance, I’m somewhat into SF literature and, err, I wouldn’t describe myself as exactly neurotypical, which also explains points 1 and 2:
    Hope that at absolves me from finding myself in the hippie crowd from time to time.
    [5] When you don’t hear anything from me for 2 weeks, send in the A team…'s_Wee_Wee

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