Pre-Order the Special Edition of the Facade and Get a Sneak Peek at the Sequel

Today marks the release for pre-order of the special edition of my paranormal-supernatural thriller, The Façade. The novel includes some ancient astronaut threads, and the sequel will pick up them as well. The special edition published by Kirkdale Press contains some great bonus content:

  • Behind The Façade: A look into how and why I wrote The Façade.
  • Resources for Further Study: An annotated bibliographic guide to the government documents, covert military programs, religious ideas, and UFO controversies that are part of the plot of The Façade.
  • The first five chapters of the highly-anticipated sequel!

The special edition is freshly edited and formatted for your ereader, mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Click here for a synopsis. Readers get 25% off when they pre-order it on Vyrso.

I’ll be revealing a hint about the sequel’s title tomorrow on the blog. Be the first to guess correctly and you’ll get a free copy of The Façade: Special Edition.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Order the Special Edition of the Facade and Get a Sneak Peek at the Sequel

  1. As i started reading the special edition, i was wondering where this would be going from the first book, which i purchased. About 5 chapters in, i realized that this is the same book i’d already read not a sequel! I went to the end thinking maybe there was some new twists to the story or something, and had the original copy nearby and saw the last passage in both “im pregnant”. Unless i missed it on Amazon’s site i feel ive been misled into buying the same book!

    • The novel title of the Special Edition is “The Facade” — the websites have been clear that it’s the same book, and that the sequel title is “The Portent.” The special edition has the first five chapters of the sequel in the back.

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