December 21: We’re All Still Here

I never got to the *real* debunking of the 2012 nonsense last night on Coast to Coast AM. All that “galactic alignment” and “Planet X” stuff is utter hogwash, as everyone now knows (and anyone thinking clearly new long ago).  But in any event, here’s a short set of links to recommended astronomical sites for debunking the craziness:

Exposing Pseudo-Astronomy podcast:

2012 site

Bad Astronomy

8 thoughts on “December 21: We’re All Still Here

  1. Hi Mike, Stuart here from the Exposing PseudoAstronomy stuff. I just want to say that I appreciate that you’ve been linking to my stuff for the past few months, from Planet X to the Phobos 2 shot down by aliens, from the non- Pyramid-Orion alignment to all the doomsday stuff now.

    It really is nice to see someone from your perspective shooting down all this stuff, especially going up against the Coast to Coast crowd who hold it almost sacred.

    • I think Coast makes people subscribe, so I doubt it. But I think the monthly rate is pretty cheap.

      • It’s on youtube. Just look up the name of the show on the coast to coast website, in the “past shows” section, and type that name in youtube’s search box.

  2. Hi there,

    The Aztec Calender is about to be put to “good” use…again!
    I “stumbled” upon following link:
    (Yeah I know it is a good site to attract paranoia, but it is a guilty pleasure to be baffled ones in a while)

    You’re welcome to look at the whole show, but two points are typical:
    1st One starting at 22:30 till 23:30. In this part Von Daniken claims that the Hebrew bible describes time-traveling. He gives a rather vague “were to find it” but since he mentions Jeremiah and a boy named Abimalech (hopefully correctly written down by me) and a rather precise “62 years” that had past, it should be easy to find it…right? Well surprise, I couldn’t. So at this point I don’t know were Von Daniken gets this info, perhaps you do?

    The second point deals with the Mayan calender, since we are obviously still here it must be something different right? Well the calender is getting a new perspective at 36:00…you get only one try to guess by whom 😉 In this part the Hadron Collider is compared with Aztech Calender…isn’t there a resemblance (apart from the fact that they are both round as are the wheels on my car and that that also the Hadron Collider -once activated- would also destroy the earth by creating a black hole) And then that magic incantation at 36:39 that should take away any doubt or coherent reasoning: “Is it a coincidence? I think not!”

    Nuff said, the Aztech calender appears to be linked to time-traveling, what have we been thinking all these years?! :-)

    Happy new year to all of you!

    Kind regards,


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