What Will YOU Being Doing When the World Doesn’t End?

With ten days to go until mythical doomsday, I was wishing today that there was a convenient way to celebrate the epic fail with PaleoBabble readers — something like an online New Year’s Eve party for sane people with geeky fascination for the ancient world, where we all yell “you gullible morons!” (in Mayan) at the turn of midnight. But, lacking the sort of creativity it takes to pull that off in cyber space, I thought it still might be fun to ask readers what they’d do or say at an end-of-the-hype-about-the-end-of-the-world party. Or maybe you can tell us what you’re planning if you and your friends are going to mark the event in a special way. And if really believe the Mayan apocalyptic silliness, what do you plan to do before the world goes away?

If I was in the last category, I’d do something daring and reckless, like watch all the Twilight movies in a row. I wouldn’t be needing my brain any more (or my dignity), so no harm done.

I’ll keep thinking about it.

9 thoughts on “What Will YOU Being Doing When the World Doesn’t End?

  1. lol MHS

    1) Ill make sure I see the hobbit, a thing i would do anyway.
    2) Have s-e-x as many time I could, and if possible with a jewish woman
    (that I never tried)
    3) being in Canada, i have small boats in my backyard just in case the pole shift.

  2. Well, since it happens to be the Friday before Christmas, I better take my wife on a date… which to her means Christmas shopping… which to me is truly the end of the world!

  3. For the former….You wouldn’t be worried if you were saved

    For the latter….fly to Washington with popcorn and watch those movies with ya. No one should ever be alone when the end of time comes. 😀

  4. I’d say “Aww you have to get up and go to work again tomorrow.”

    I had to work in a niteclub for Y2K new years, the streets were deserted and it was the most peaceful new years ever in Chicago that’s for sure.

  5. Two bars in the Cleveland area are having end of the world parties and giving out Tshirts.

    Predictions of the end of the world have occurred every so often. I will pray more, just in case, but I doubt it’s the BIG ONE.

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