Barney the Dinosaur is the Antichrist, not President Obama

Many readers will recall my debunking of the ridiculous and hopelessly uninformed evangelical YouTube mythology about the Bible revealing how President Obama is the Antichrist. Now I have irrefutable proof that I was right – using math! (I’ll wait a second while you become mesmerized . . . okay).

Here it is — proof that Barney the purple dinosaur is the Antichrist, Satan incarnated, not President Obama.


No word yet on whether or not World Net Daily will carry this.

Hey, it’s the same logic — and method — that is behind Bible codes.

Thanks to Scotteriology for this valuable research.



8 thoughts on “Barney the Dinosaur is the Antichrist, not President Obama

    • WND was the outfit that promoted the Obama story. I’m sitting by the phone now, waiting to be interviewed.

      • I am a Jesus loving, Reagan/Limbaugh conservative, and I find WND wacky, especially with that weird stuff that happened with Ann Coulter. Anyway, any thoughts on Tom Horn? I see you linked to Cris Putnam last week. I know Tom promotes some crazy things on his website, but I just can’t help but have a soft spot for him. (Not to mention, he is always very respectful of you.)

        • I like Tom and Cris and consider them friends. I don’t agree with some of their ideas, which I’m guessing they’d say about me, too. I don’t have much respect for WND, though. The fact that they buried my Obama response was all I needed to see. (And as I noted in that piece, I’m not an Obama fan, either). They’re clearly not about critical thinking.

          • It is because of Horn and Putnam I found you in the first place years ago. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me. I really enjoyed it. I voraciously read everything you put out and really appreciate what you do. Hopefully, in the near future, I can find the time for some MEMRA classes because I have tons of questions and look forward to your instruction. Take care.

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