Did the CIA Investigate Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat?

Sure doesn’t look that way.

The above link takes you to some documentation on this issue posted by Jason Colavito on his website. I happened to come across it a week or so ago. It’s interesting for me in that it mentions astronaut Jim Irwin. I heard Irwin speak at Dallas Seminary back in the late 1980s when I was taking some courses there. Irwin led two unsuccessful expeditions to find evidence for the ark in Turkey. He died in 1991. One would think if the government had an interest in the ark Irwin would have said something about it or produced it. That silence is echoed by the documentation Jason has on his website.


One thought on “Did the CIA Investigate Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat?

  1. I remember one airforce officer claiming that branch sent an expedition to Ararat. He claims they found a sarcophagus inside and that it is now in the Smithsonian. That’s interesting if you recall Enoch told Noah to take the remains of Adam on the ark. It’s fun to think about.

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