Stone Spheres of Costa Rica: No Aliens Needed

Stone_sphereMany PaleoBabble readers have no doubt heard of the stone spheres of Costa Rica. In addition to the debunking of the “Nuremberg UFO” engraving I posted about a few days ago, Frank Johnson of the Ancient Aliens Debunked blog also has a worthwhile piece on these stone spheres. Hope you’re sitting down: aliens didn’t make them.

As Johnson notes in his post, ancient alien theorists not only don’t have a firm grasp of the obvious (like hammer marks still visible on the stones – thanks for that advanced technology, ET), they’re just plain irritated that he would dare dispute amazing “proof” like this for ancient alien contact. I’m sure they’ll soon realize that’s a poor strategy. Why not just film another Ancient Aliens episode and make up different evidence? I’m just saying.

As is so often the case, mainstream scholars are not curled up in the fetal position, rendered dumbstruck by the shocking evidence for alien causation offered by the likes of Erich “I’m the reincarnation of P.T. Barnum” von Daniken. Johnson introduces readers to anthropology Professor John Hoopes. As Johnson notes, “Hoopes has not only examined the Costa Rican giant stone balls, he has a Website explaining them and the errors in many of the claims.”

At any rate, if you haven’t read a thoughtful treatment of the stones spheres, the post is recommended.

6 thoughts on “Stone Spheres of Costa Rica: No Aliens Needed

  1. Unfortunately, Prof. Hoopes’ pages are not available anymore, that’s a pity!

  2. There’s another possible explanation which may help clear this and the large stone sphere found in Bosnia recently. No advanced civilization needed. Just an asteroid impact large enough to liquefy some mantle and send it high above the upper atmosphere where it would return like hail, only of stone. One possible candidate for Costa Rica might be the Chicxulub event. It may have covered a large area with this stone hail. (why spheres? It’s what gravity does, check out the sun moon and earth).

  3. Another possibility: what if the stones were created by apprentices to master stone sculpturers in order to have the approval to work on great lost cities. Could it have been a test of their skill prior to working on such an important project?

  4. ok so there not made by aliens so just tell us who made them why and how they were made. provide some proof and then your theory will be as logical as the ancient alien theory. untill then nothing you have said proves anything and its no more stupid then the alien theory

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