The Columbian “Genetic Disk” Fraud

The aptly-named Archaeological Fantasies blog has a lengthy discussion of the so-called genetic disk. As you might guess, this disk is supposed to be proof of advanced biological knowledge in the ancient world. It’s bunk.


5 thoughts on “The Columbian “Genetic Disk” Fraud

  1. That’s it?! We’re just supposed to take your word for it? What makes your opinion superior or more trustworthy than anyone else’s?
    You have not provided even the tiniest shred of evidence of any type to back up your proclamation- you haven’t even claimed to have examined (or even seen) the object. Nor have you attempted to present any type of argument disputing the authenticity of the object.
    In fact you have not offered any explanation whatsoever to support your conclusion!

    Any intelligent and sane individual would undoubtedly share such information if they had it.

  2. By the way, I forgot to mention that I agree with you about the object! But in the end, what difference does my opinion make?
    My opinion is irrelevant. As is yours without anything to back it up!
    I personally don’t care enough about the object or anyone else’s opinion of it to share my findings.
    But I’m not the one with a website making declarations about the personal property of others without anything to back them up or support them.
    That I find irresponsible, presumptuous and discrediting.

    If you have valid reasons or evidence about the disk, why in the world would you not include links to your sources? Or if the arguments are your own, why would you not outline your reasoning and the path of your logic? Including links to any supporting information/evidence (as well as counter claims/evidence- unless you know/suspect your logic/argument/conclusion is flawed).

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