Giant Skeleton Hoaxes and Mis-Identifications

I’ve blogged several times about the pictures of giant human skeletons on the web that aren’t what they seem to be. They fall into two categories: hoaxes and mis-identification of the remains of either dinosaurs or (more often) mastodons or mammoths.

I recently came across this site, which conveniently displays several of the most widely circulated phony giant photos. If you go there, please click on the link mentioned in the article that is the source of most of these hoaxed photos: The site runs contests for image fakery. Here is the archaeology archive where you’ll find most of the fake giant photos out there on the web.

I also recently came across a good scholarly article on the other category — mis-identification. It’s by James Howard and entitled, “Fossil Proboscidians and Myths of Giant Men.” It can be downloaded for free.

On the term “proboscidian” (in the context of this post, an animal with a large trunk), here is the entry from


1. pertaining to or resembling a proboscis.

2. having a proboscis.
3. belonging or pertaining to the mammals of the order Proboscidea, characterized by a flexible trunk formed of the nostrils and upper lip, large tusks, a massive body, and columnar legs, comprising the elephant and the now-extinct mammoth and mastodon.

9 thoughts on “Giant Skeleton Hoaxes and Mis-Identifications

    • I don’t know what the weird eye thing has to do with Gen 6. There’s nothing in there about eyes. (Weekly World News isn’t exactly a good source).

  1. Mike, didn’t know where to ask this and it’s certainly not relevant to the article. Are you or have you written about the Khazarian Jew myth and if not could you point someone who’s sick and tired of running into idiots who parrot this craziness to a powerful resource that’s refutes this nonsense? It seems to me that Dr. Eran Elhaik, genetic researcher at John Hopkins University School of Medicine is the guy who set this thing in motion back in 2012. Now, I’m hearing that modern molecular genetics have proven his work invalid but that’s all I can come up with. Thanks.

  2. Yes; the conquest motivation is tied to giant clans/enemies. What does that have to do with fake giant skeletons?

    Giants were no bigger than really tall people today. They were considered the spawn of other gods. (And there is more than one way to understand that idea). The text can also be coherently read that their numbers were small, though everyone assumes huge populations. I don’t. At any rate, of the hundreds of thousands of people who lived and died in ancient Canaan in the late 2nd millennium and onward, very few skeletons (hundreds) have survived. A small fraction.

    • It had absolutely nothing to do with giants, giant skeletons or whether there had ever been giant humans on this planet. It had shitloads to do with the “do as thou wilt” thing, the right of the strongest and the justification for the natural order of things stemming from it. Do you believe in god? You do. Are you the least bit ashamed of the things written in the old testament? Probably, and that is why you had that special lecture delivered (“so yes they killed them because they were giants”), so do try now and make us believe like there were horrible giants walking there in canaan and not just some regular “tall” people whom the israelites thought worthless. Kill everyone just leave some virgins for the men. Is that fine with you?

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