The Paracas Elongated Skulls: More Boneheaded Nephilim Claims

If you’re interested in phony DNA research to prop up ancient alien hybrids and alleged nephilim skulls, you’re in luck. Two recent posts came to my attention today. They’re both long, but well worth the time.

First, there’s the essay by Frank Johnson at the Ancient Aliens Debunked blog: “Another Bone to Pick…With Peruvian Nephilim/Alien Hybrids.” It’s a good survey/refutation of the alleged evidence. It’ll get you up to speed on the claims and personalities involved.

Next we have (drum roll, please) a real archaeologist weigh in on the skulls – Keith Fitzpatrick Matthews on the Bad Archaeology blog. Keith’s essay, “The Paracas skulls: aliens, an unknown hominid species or cranial deformation?” is nothing short of devastating. In particular, pretend anthropologist Brien Foerster, a participant in the upcoming “Nephilim Skull Tour” comes out looking very bad, even dumb. (Just read it). This essay deals a bit with the DNA issue, but focuses more on the forensics of the skulls themselves.

Where’s the verse in the Bible again about nephilim having elongated skulls? (crickets chirping)

6 thoughts on “The Paracas Elongated Skulls: More Boneheaded Nephilim Claims

  1. Not to promote in-fighting or anything, but I am curious, Mike. So do you believe that LA Marzulli is misinformed, then? Or worse? Disreputable?

  2. I don’t think LA is correct at all on this. I don’t think there is a shred of credible evidence for what he’s saying. I don’t think his motives are bad, though.

  3. If these are advanced beings of some sort, wouldn’t their skulls show enlargement at the frontal lobe regions, not at the back of the skull?

    Just compare the skulls of neanderthals to homo sapiens: both have brains about the same size but neanderthal frontal lobes are relatively small and less-developed. The (alleged!) greys have it right — huge front-loading of brain matter.

    (There are other factors that contribute to the brain’s processing power, of course, such as cortex density, but you take my point, I hope, about basis neural anatomy.)

  4. Will be interested when you add Michael Tellinger to your growing list and do a thorough appraisal from your position as he grows in celebrity and opportunism.
    Also Lloyd Pye of “starchild skull” projection may be seen as a man clutching at the one straw he pursued, or a harbinger.

    Nonetheless, there is a growing list of public and private hallucination and/or pop-culture addiction to these topics that are not going away (but are growing in status) because of some very serious problems in the top echelons of corporate entities the public used to believe were “government,” places like the Vatican which has too many secrets, the top banking cartels that have too much power, and the gap in credibility with a slowly questioning enmasse struggling for answers.

  5. I think the only thing we can say about the elongated skulls is this. There are two types. The first kind is the result of parents strapping a board to the head of the baby, mostly because it’s what the kardassians are doing and the girls really dig it. The second explanation is that this is an unknown humanoid species. You can’t say its from another world or its an angelic human hybrid. Just like you can’t say it belonged to a guy called bob. The facts are…’s an elongated skull. Other than that everything else is hyper speculation.
    I could just as validly argue, providing the same amount of evidence as the hybrid or alien theory (woops my physics degree just went up in flames because I’m stretching the meaning of theory so much the it caused a space time infraction. Luckily my good friend Richard Feynman was spinning some plates on long poles near by and was able to describe the event as a left handed purple spinning up anti theory event, then he ran away with my sister Queen Elizabeth David and he stole my electron tunnelling drill. It was a Bosch drill too not Dewalt or black and decker. Oh I’ll get you for this Richard and stop putting Mr Schrödinger’s cat in a box. It’s just not cricket) That it is my uncle Hugh’s skull. That’s Huge Jass. He gets upset if I don’t give his full name.

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