Ancient Aliens Debunked

Heard of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series? Suffered through a few episodes? Rendered speechless by the illogic and selective use of data? The antidote is below — a 3-hour (free) documentary video. I’m in it toward the end, where it hits discussion of some ancient texts. Well worth watching in its entirety, though, as a lot of academic research was put into it, unlike its target. Make sure you go to its parent website, where there is more video and lots of source documentation. The film was released 9/28/2012.

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  1. How about the Colombian Gold air planes, with spiral carved vortices on the wings.. That’s hard to debunk.. I am an engineer, and those are airplane’s, and they have been tested by model, and they flown. What is very impressive is they carved in vorticies on the wings.. That is something they would see only if it was a flying machine. Also we have the veda text. And, the pyramids are older than 2500 years old.. Because we know due to the Orion star constellation they represent. Due to procession, we can measure them back in time to 10,500 years.. We cant explain this. It does not belong…

      • Thanks for the reply… However, those gold planes does not fit well. With that said I can be in full agreement that Schitian is full of crap. But, these gold planes, with carved vortices is a huge enigma, and we will never explain them… The thing is, the universe is 14 billion years old; our planet is 4.5 billion. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities. If we do ponder the gold plane evidence, it would explain the mean emotional God of the bible well, dont you think. However, we have to call bull crap, bull crap sometimes, especially what they say on ancient aliens. However, at the same time, we cannot be so rigid or so invested in our own ideas, that we cannot change when evidence changes. Because really it only takes one find. Furthermore, it’s getting harder each day to deny the evidence of the current UFO phenomenon, especially with governments coming out, and the inexpensive phone camera and vids. I know you are a scholar, I am too, and there is taboo’s I can not touch also, but the truth must always be search for and never covered up when found, even if the current model does not support it..

        • At one time UFOS were considered to be swamp gas, planets, heat inversion, mass hysteria, etc. Well you can’t FILM MASS HYSTERIA!! The UFO phenomenon is REAL and not going away. I agree that I don’t accept all the stuff on Ancient Aliens Show, but we have to admit that alot of things are going on earth for a loop time and our Governments don’t want us to know. And those who support that Ancient People built the pyramids or whatever, don’t want to wind up flipping burgers at Burger King for a living so they’ll keep saying this in order to keep their jobs!! We are NOT ALONE!! NEVER HAVE BEEN!! MAN’S EGO IS BIGGER THAN THE UNIVERSE!!!

        • The earth is not that old. there are several tests and evidence nowadays that prove the spinning ball earth theory is just that, a theory. the vortices have more to do with the way the sun and sky spirals over us, making creation. as per the original documentation provided in ancient texts all over bibles.. we were indoctrinated and never landed on the moon because we are biological machines that live in an enclosed controlled environment. space, government (the feds are not the govt but a military established organization to protect corporations and their laws which protect short term profits no matter what, in 1913) & the nazis who started NASA 10 years after colonel byrds discovery and after the antarctic treaty… they indoctrinate kids too young to question because they dont know what questions to ask yet! its a long con, by sociopaths, hiding way more than a creator.. research

  2. thank you for taking the time and effort in making this film. I have a friend who really thinks aliens are real based on the history channel ancient aliens.I have seen all the ones you show .I never thought there was any truth in them .they never give you any information so that you can check for your self.I will download this movie and make copies to pass out freely will tell people about your website.

  3. Hi Michael

    First of all, thanks for debunking the bable out there.

    Just one thing i noticed you havent debunked directly. The Living Wall, at Ollantaytambo. More precisely what Ancient Aliens claim are shown in this video at around 1 hour 20min:

    Most likely this is a case of another false dilemma. But Giorgio claims that the stone quarried has been taken out of the mountain side and placed nearby. Im sure you can guess the explanation for this one 😉

  4. I looked at your pseudo debunking and realized that we were created by aliens and that the gods to us. Your debunking these idiotic.

  5. Dr. Heiser, we already talked via email once (I never deleted our conversation. Such an honor). I believe I was 14 at the time, I’m 15 years old now. I wish to know if you could provide me with the means to contact the author of the Ancient Aliens Debunked video, as I’ve been failing to reach him. I would like to translate his video to my mother language, Portuguese, so lusophones from all over the world could get enlightened by his great work. I trully think my generation has the duty to undo all the craziness given breadth by the Millenials, and as soon as we do it, the better, so once we get to call the shots, things will be back in order, and we will be able to take humanity one great leap further.

  6. Sometimes I think there should be a football game between debunkers and fringers. But maybe such a game would be dull, with neither side having their heart totally in it.

  7. Sometimes I think there should be a football game between debunkers and fringers. But maybe such a game would be dull as if neither side has their totally in it.

  8. I will say I find the show intriguing, and it raises a lot of questions that haven’t been answered. Yes, you addressed how they could move the trilithon stones, in an engineering perspective, but like an auto mechanic, engineers make good drarings, bit don’t know jack about real world mechanics, examples can be found on nearly every car made since 1997 to current. They didn’t have everything perfect like the papers show. The logistics are always ignored. I bring this up again, military fighting force (stone masons) are 10% of the whole team! Logistics logistics logistics! Same reason China cannot militarily take Taiwan, getting their troops and equipment there would be a hell of an undertaking of just logistics alone! That’s what kinds of questions Sitchin, van daniken and the show ancient aliens brings up, but you PhD’s answer only how the stone could be moved, NOT the collosal engineering feat of the logistics to do the work! Remember Moses and the 3 priests? Moses threw his staff down as did the priests, they all turned to snakes? The question never asked is what friggen GOD changed the priests staffs to snakes? Or genesis’ “let US create THEM in OUR image” ? And if god did visit, angels and demons too, then scientifically the Bible is one helluva alien encounter historical document. As the scientific method unequivocally proves as such, god, angels and demons were before earth, not of this earth, so by definition, scientifically, they are/were aliens. All of these past civilizations have talked repeatedly of flying objects, Germans in the 15th century describe a battle in the sky with numerous vessels, the Indus valley, with the ancient Mahabharata describing air battles that resembles dog fights by our militaries. Vitrified settlements with unbelievable radiation levels, but, also the settlements had a sanitation system not seen for a couple thousand years later in roman times. Questions to which the PhD’s have NO, 0, answers for and the answers they do give a 5th grader would say that was dumb. The shows and authors pose questions to be asked, probably to never be answered. To get people to be curious and search for answers themselves. That’s the magic that they spread. After all, you need to only change one word in the Bible to change it from faith to fact and we all know the Bible has been mistranslated… The one word exchange is to change “heaven(s)” to the single/plural “space”. That alone changes everything, and I’m an atheist that looks at the Bible as history, not faith, because that is exactly and all the Bible is, a history book, except the new testament, that a crock of ****. See where I’m going with this?

  9. Ezekiel 1 can be translated by anyone willing to spend about a week at it. The commentaries are helpful, eliminating verses which are editorial additions inserted to give the siting a religious meaning. The chapter in style does not belong with the book in general. The author has the vehicle of chapter one carrying Ezekiel around the Middle East dropping off here and there to prophesy.
    Note that the wheel lies flat on the ground and the hayak stands on top of it. It goes because of a wind (not: spirit) in the wheel. Holy, holy, holy (kadash, kadash, kadash)
    While I was doing this, at a large library, a mysterious man (not dressed in black) would drop by. “Interesting, isn’t it?” I had to agree that it was. On another occasion, the intellectual said, “The Greek is even more interesting.”
    Several nerdy-types, who I believe were associated with a local seminary, seem to refer to me as a Gabriel, slang for whistleblower. I hope someone will do the Greek.

  10. I just love how folks are more willing to believe that Aliens did it than that South Americans might have had advanced civilization before white people did.

    There is definitely something weird about the similarity of megalithic and cyclopean architecture around the world…but “I can’t explain it” does not mean “Aliens”

  11. Modern humanity is one mass of contradiction. 40-50 years ago, a believer in extra terrestrial life would have been regarded as credulous by mainstream scientists but today, mainstream science, on the basis of probability, tells us that extraterrestrial life is a virtual certainty. More than that, there must be intelligent extraterrestrial life more advanced than us. Amusingly, the same scientists regard the concept of ancient aliens as something held by the credulous, happily ignoring their own credulity.

    Of course, the ancient alien ‘theory’ is far too convenient since it can and is made up on the fly to explain absolutely everything. However, the very real possibility of an advanced civilisation existing prior to accepted archaeology is resisted, as every new view is resisted until the weight of evidence changes the group think to a new group think. The archaeological evidence at various locations around the earth continues to challenge accepted beliefs not least at Gobekli Tepe. That said Charles Hapgood wrote some interesting books on ancient maps and ancient civilisations in the 1950’s and 60’s which was endorsed by much of the academia of the day. Another of his books, The Earth’s Shifting Crust, carried a foreword by Albert Einstein in the days when plate tectonics, much ridiculed in previous decades, was only just being validated. Similarly, Harley Bretz challenged the accepted geological explanation of the scablands in Washington State and was pilloried for decades. It is only in recent years that his theory of a comet strike around 11,900 years ago has started to be validated by the discovery of nano-diamonds across the northern hemisphere that, we are told, could only be produced by such a strike. It supposedly led to The Younger Dryas, a sudden period of cooling as the Earth was coming out of a glacial period. That has been picked up by others to suggest, that since the northern hemisphere was still covered in ice sheets, such a strike could have caused a massive worldwide flood as told in the biblical story, a story also found across the world from culture to culture and religion to religion. Those stories may actually have been true and the event destroyed a previous advanced civilisation.

    As ever, mainstream scientists, acting in concert, rarely discover anything completely new that changes mankind’s perception of the world and universe. They do a reasonable job of refining the discoveries and original creative thinking of others and putting it to practical use. The real discoveries and changers of thought are almost always individuals, early in their careers and able to argue against the bias and group think of their peers.

    Mainstream science has a lot to be very humble for in centuries after century of holding vainly to the settled science. It is people who question the establish facts that go on to establish the facts!

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