Ancient Aliens Debunked

Heard of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series? Suffered through a few episodes? Rendered speechless by the illogic and selective use of data? The antidote is below — a 3-hour (free) documentary video. I’m in it toward the end, where it hits discussion of some ancient texts. Well worth watching in its entirety, though, as a lot of academic research was put into it, unlike its target. Make sure you go to its parent website, where there is more video and lots of source documentation. The film was released 9/28/2012.

47 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens Debunked

  1. How about the Colombian Gold air planes, with spiral carved vortices on the wings.. That’s hard to debunk.. I am an engineer, and those are airplane’s, and they have been tested by model, and they flown. What is very impressive is they carved in vorticies on the wings.. That is something they would see only if it was a flying machine. Also we have the veda text. And, the pyramids are older than 2500 years old.. Because we know due to the Orion star constellation they represent. Due to procession, we can measure them back in time to 10,500 years.. We cant explain this. It does not belong…

      • Thanks for the reply… However, those gold planes does not fit well. With that said I can be in full agreement that Schitian is full of crap. But, these gold planes, with carved vortices is a huge enigma, and we will never explain them… The thing is, the universe is 14 billion years old; our planet is 4.5 billion. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities. If we do ponder the gold plane evidence, it would explain the mean emotional God of the bible well, dont you think. However, we have to call bull crap, bull crap sometimes, especially what they say on ancient aliens. However, at the same time, we cannot be so rigid or so invested in our own ideas, that we cannot change when evidence changes. Because really it only takes one find. Furthermore, it’s getting harder each day to deny the evidence of the current UFO phenomenon, especially with governments coming out, and the inexpensive phone camera and vids. I know you are a scholar, I am too, and there is taboo’s I can not touch also, but the truth must always be search for and never covered up when found, even if the current model does not support it..

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