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  1. really…Thank you for making this site!! its about time someone set to work on squashing these insane claims! my husband and my self regualry sit down to watch ancient aliens, no, not for “education” we watch for a great laugh! Ancient Aliens should be part of comedy central’s lign up. But then again,most of the shows that now play on the history chanell are a joke to begin with.

  2. While i like your work and agree with most, i do see that you theorise as well and even though i agree that most of those so called bible codes are just wishfull thinking, one should not flush the baby away with the bathwater, investigate the vessels and the one that fell and broke into 288 pieces ( zohar) there is a structure unop which the torah was written

      • Opinion ,each of the 304803 letters of the torah has its place
        The structure itself is given in the text its measure and sequence of numbers flow from it. But it seems that it wasnt openness that set the task to debunk,and of little use to even start to set it out. Such a code does not follow your rules of a conditioning mind set. Just like numbers do not follow personal ideas , if i say that the sum of all numbers starting in rows of 9 starting with one are in essence no matter how large the number sequence is always identical to the first 9 numbers and each 3 such rows always add up to 3 , 6 and 9.

        No present day scienctific knowledge is either aware of it or can explain it, no matter how long the string of numbers is.

        Nor are they aware of an ancient measure that contains all measures needed, from Pi golden ratio, down to they key to calculate the volume of a globe. Etc etc . All leading to a structure that spells out a number sequence that can then be returned to letters again.

        • This entirely misses the point. I guess you didn’t understand the site or didn’t read it. The point is that the original letters of the Torah cannot be established in the first place. What passes for Bible codes today doesn’t take into account the Hebrew text underlying the Septuagint, the Dead Sea Scrolls (where those texts disagree with MT). It also fails to account for matres lectiones (presence or absence).

          The whole enterprise is a failed proposition.

  3. It’s not circular to pint out the obvious: the exact every-letter sequence of the Torah cannot be known. Readers who know Hebrew know that isn’t much of an issue for meaning and translation (matre consonant-vowels vary spelling; archaic grammar; differences in manuscripts, etc.), but it’s lethal to a code.

  4. it tells me you don’t understand how the sequence shifts and is hopelessly insecure (and unobtainable unless we all of sudden become omniscient and can time travel).

    • Lol, so 98% accurate is failed? That the 2% represents the truth? Yours perhaps . One thing it does show, a conditioned mind set which is perhaps reflected in your research. I on the other hand see openess ,the instrument to reach the truth, not having a conditioned mind set, but an ever willingness to let go of it for a bigger one untill it includes everything.

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