December 21: We’re All Still Here

I never got to the *real* debunking of the 2012 nonsense last night on Coast to Coast AM. All that “galactic alignment” and “Planet X” stuff is utter hogwash, as everyone now knows (and anyone thinking clearly new long ago).  But in any event, here’s a short set of links to recommended astronomical sites for debunking the craziness:

Exposing Pseudo-Astronomy podcast:

2012 site

Bad Astronomy

Mike on Coast to Coast AM Thursday Night, Just Before the World Ends

The folks at Coast to Coast AM have scheduled me for Thursday, December 20. I’m naturally relieved that I’ll get to be on the show again before the world ends the next day. The topic will be apocalypticism, and so we’ll be chatting about the Mayan Doomsday hype, millennialism, and assorted other beliefs related to end times. Anyone who follows my Naked Bible blog will know that I take a dim view of popular Christian eschatology, so that will no doubt come up. Should be fun!

What Will YOU Being Doing When the World Doesn’t End?

With ten days to go until mythical doomsday, I was wishing today that there was a convenient way to celebrate the epic fail with PaleoBabble readers — something like an online New Year’s Eve party for sane people with geeky fascination for the ancient world, where we all yell “you gullible morons!” (in Mayan) at the turn of midnight. But, lacking the sort of creativity it takes to pull that off in cyber space, I thought it still might be fun to ask readers what they’d do or say at an end-of-the-hype-about-the-end-of-the-world party. Or maybe you can tell us what you’re planning if you and your friends are going to mark the event in a special way. And if really believe the Mayan apocalyptic silliness, what do you plan to do before the world goes away?

If I was in the last category, I’d do something daring and reckless, like watch all the Twilight movies in a row. I wouldn’t be needing my brain any more (or my dignity), so no harm done.

I’ll keep thinking about it.

The Planet X Fraud

In case you haven’t heard of “Planet X,” it’s a notorious piece on Paleobabble that was derived from Zecharia Sitchin’s 12th planet Nibiru nonsense. However, Planet X has since taken on a (fake) life of its own, so that the idea cannot be equated with Sitchin’s ancient astronaut fairy tales. It’s since been married to the Mayan 2012 buffoonery and other conspiracy thinking about astronomy.

I’d encourage all readers to check out the Pseudo-Astronomy podcast for its series (now five parts) on “The Fake Story of Planet X.”  Good stuff.

More Unhinged Media and 2012

Came across this little nugget of nonsense today: “Asteroid 2012 DA14 and escalating headlines.” The brief post, courtesy of Doubtful News, concerns how the small chance (2300:1) of asteroid 2012 DA14 hitting *one* of our satellites in geosynchronous orbit is being hyped by various news outlets.  The piece concludes:

There are 401 satellites currently in geosynchronous orbit strung along a circle 265,000 kilometers in circumference. The two closest satellites are about 70 kilometers apart. There is no way it could hit two and the odds of it hitting one, even if it were to pass exactly through the ring of satellites, is about 1 out of 2300.

Yeah, sure, but you’re dismissing the Mayan prophecies, fella!  What about that! I don’t hear you talking now!

Right; only because you really can’t speak comprehensibly and yawn at the same time.

Nothing new to PaleoBabble readers.

Oldest Mayan Calendar Discovered: No Apocalypse in the Record

Pardon my yawn just now….

Anyone out there believe this primary data will stem the tide of the nonsensical hysteria?  Nope; me neither. If the heretofore known Mayan primary material (which also does not predict the end of the world) didn’t rebut the quackery, this won’t either. But I assume readers will be interested.

NASA, PaleoBabble, and the 2012 BS

I just wanted to alert readers to this page on the NASA astrobiology website.  It’s a Q&A regarding the 2012 hysteria. The page answers the questions that the more conspiratorially-minded think are “gotchas” that really aren’t.  Very worthwhile. (Thanks to Guy for the heads up!)

You’ll notice that one of the links the NASA people refer people to is my site debunking Zecharia’ Sitchin’s Nibiru nonsense.  Nice to get the love!