Did the CIA Investigate Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat?

Sure doesn’t look that way.

The above link takes you to some documentation on this issue posted by Jason Colavito on his website. I happened to come across it a week or so ago. It’s interesting for me in that it mentions astronaut Jim Irwin. I heard Irwin speak at Dallas Seminary back in the late 1980s when I was taking some courses there. Irwin led two unsuccessful expeditions to find evidence for the ark in Turkey. He died in 1991. One would think if the government had an interest in the ark Irwin would have said something about it or produced it. That silence is echoed by the documentation Jason has on his website.


The CIA and Noah’s Ark

I wanted to pass on this amusing and interesting post from Jason Colavito as to “evidence” of CIA interest in alternative Noah’s ark discovery theories. I agree with Jason’s take. I’d be interested in any genuine CIA reports on Noah’s ark “sightings” and location theories, but there seems to be a dearth of such.

And the nuclear power in the primeval world stuff always makes me laugh.

Noah’s Ark Fraud Report

Dr. Amy Beam was kind enough to email me her report entitled, “The Kurdish Guides and the Noah’s Ark Discovery Fraud.”  Please have a look. It’s a first-hand accounting (from Beam’s perspective, naturally) of certain individuals involved in the hoax.

And for those of you who will reflexively conclude that such exposure of the fraud is about insulting faith, it isn’t.  So please take a breath. From the concluding pages:

A Facebook group was started in September 2011 to investigate the NAMI/MEDIA discovery and demand an audit and accounting from the NAMI/MEDIA leadership. Many church leaders and members worldwide have posted reminders that religious belief is based on faith. It is not necessary to find Noah’s Ark as proof of one’s faith or morality.

There are several film-makers backed by TV stations making documentaries in 2012 of the search for Noah’s Ark and the hoax. Hopefully, some guides will speak publicly so that finally, all of the guides who were innocent victims in this fraud may be relieved of the burden of silence and secrecy.

Noah’s Ark Session Report

As I hoped in a recent post, I was able to attend Randall Price’s session at the annual Near East Archaeological Society meeting (a sub-session at the Evangelical Theological Society meeting) this past week in San Francisco. The session was entitled, “Report of the 2011 Ark Search LLC Expedition and Excavation on Mt. Ararat.” I’m happy to say it was an interesting and informative session. I went wanting to hear two things. First, I wanted to actually hear Price distance himself from the Chinese ark investigation hoax.  I had previously posted a letter on this blog from Dr. Price disavowing the nonsense. You can find that letter here on Dr. Price’s website (and other items investigating the hoax). I just wanted to hear him say it in a room filled with many people predisposed to wanting the ark found. He did so, very clearly. He did the same when I briefly chatted with him later in the conference. Second, I wanted to know if he had read the recent critique of the bogus Carbon-14 testing that I linked readers to in this earlier post. He actually brought up the article before Q & A time, so I know he read it. He also agreed with its findings, which I was glad to hear.

My general impression of Price’s session is that he and his team are making a serious attempt to understand a large anomalous form under the ice that they have detected with ground-penetrating radar (the tests were performed by people expert in that technology, one of whom has a PhD in geology). The audience saw a number of slides from the data read-out that indeed showed an anomalous rectangular space or object. I can’t actually say more than that since some of the information (legitimately) ought not be discussed on the web due to legalities surrounding permits from the Turkish government (i.e., what the team was allowed to do and not allowed to do – I don’t want to mis-characterize anything I heard and make it hard for Price’s team to get permits next year). I can say that nothing even close to conclusive was found. It’s basically going to take permission to dig or drill into the object, and then proper testing of any material remains. I don’t say this sarcastically, but good luck with that. There are many physical and legal obstacles to even getting anything to test. That’s just the way it is.

There was only one negative aspect of the presentation for me. We really *can* do without all the Indiana Jones-ish storytelling. It amounts to hype and detracts from being taken seriously. There wasn’t a lot of that, but any of it is too much.

More on the Noah’s Ark Fraud

Here’s a link to a short post from the Bible Places blog that contains links to Carbon-14 analysis of the wood from the recent Noah’s ark “discovery” (read: fraud). It’s nice that someone bothers to do scientific research and pursue problems (the hoaxers do not) and report all the data (the hoaxers do not report everything in their upcoming “documentary”). Granted, the source for this critique comes from a site that itself many readers (and me) will question in regard to some of its own presuppositions, but this is the sort of research and analytical critique that needs to happen (note that the author of the critique does have a PhD in geology). This sentence in the post says it all:

In short, the burden of proof is on those who claim that they have discovered Noah’s Ark. Their unwillingness to report their data so that it can be analyzed by scholars suggests that they are perpetuating a fraud.

“Suggest” is far too nice.

I’ll be leaving tomorrow for the annual scholarly conferences in religion and biblical studies. I hope to catch a session or two that are about the recent Noah’s ark “research” (one is a session by Randall Price, and then there’s another on recent advances in satellite technology).  If I get to those on the schedule, hopefully I’ll have something to share.

Noah’s Ark “He Said, She Said”: Hoax Confession Now Denied

This keeps getting better — or worse for those of us who wonder why these Christians can’t just “let their ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes’ and their “No’ mean ‘No’ (to quote James 5:12).  Now we learn that those who (supposedly?) made the confession to the hoax really didn’t. Here’s the first paragraph from this link:

The Hong-Kong based organization Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI) announced in April that they had discovered Noah’s Ark.  Their press release included brief video clips showing wooden beams of the alleged ark.  Yet many noted major problems with their purported discovery.  These suspicions appeared to be confirmed with the release two weeks ago of a letter written by two Turkish brothers who confessed to constructing “the ark” for what they thought was a movie set.

Oh, what tangled webs we weave …

Noah’s Ark Researcher Admits Ark Discovery This Past Year was a Fraud

For readers of this blog, this is no surprise. I’ve blogged the hoax several times, including correspondence from Randall Price, the ark researcher interviewed in this article who confirms (again) that the Chinese team’s “find” was a hoax.

But some readers just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) believe it from me. Here you go. Another hoax in the name of defending the Bible – a very poor testimony, indeed.  This chicanery just isn’t necessary, but it ain’t going away, I can assure you.