The Facade

A paranormal-theological-science fiction thriller by Michael S. Heiser


Haunted by his parents’ death and his career failures, Dr. Brian Scott has begun to settle for the life he’s been given.

Until he’s “recruited,” that is.

Kidnapped by military insiders known as, “The Group,” Brian joins a team of world-class scholars working on an above-top-secret initiative. Their mission? To prepare mankind for a new reality. “They” are here.

Among Brian’s fellow recruits are the beautiful and hostile Dr. Melissa Kelley, and the enigmatic Father Andrew Benedict, whose prophetic nature clashes with Brian’s paranoia. As the team is briefed on the government’s involvement with extraterrestrials, strange things begin to happen. Disappearances. Visitations. Murder. Something isn’t right.

The closer Brian and the team get to the truth, the more they realize that no one is safe, and no one can be trusted.

Unpeeling layer after layer of deception and counter-deception, Brian moves toward a shocking revelation that will forever alter how mankind sees itself.

I wrote The Facade while I was in the dissertation phrase of my graduate program. If you’ve read the “About” tab, you know that I have a lot of training in ancient languages, cultures, religions, and texts. You also know (from this blog) that I have a sustained interest in weird stuff related to the ancient world, including the ancient astronaut theory. The Facade was the result of that perfect storm.

The matrix of The Facade can be boiled down to two confrontational questions: If there was really evidence of a genuine extraterrestrial reality, would that doom traditional religion? What if that extraterrestrial reality turned out to be some other kind of non-human intelligence?

What makes The Facade unique is that I took great care to make sure all the content elements woven into the story were based on serious academic research, including my own dissertation specialty, the divine council — ancient Israel’s “pantheon” or heavenly host. In the prefatory material to the book I put it this way:

  • Every historical figure referred to, except for the characters, is real.
  • Every quotation attributed to such persons is genuine.
  • Every document referred to in the story actually exists.
  • Every ancient text discussed by the characters is authentic.

Check out the book’s website and order a copy. But remember, it’s fiction . . . really.

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