Jason Colavito on the Serial Self-Plagiarism of David Hatcher Childress

Jason Colavito has been slogging through some of “research” of ancient astronaut enthusiast David Hatcher Childress with the goal toward demonstrating how Childress has gamed his gullible audience by re-publishing his own material for a quick buck. A nice system for those whose conscience is seared.

Here is the four-part series:

Reviewing David Childress’s “Technology of the Gods” (Pt. 1): Plagiarism of the Gods

Reviewing David Childress’s “Technology of the Gods” (Pt. 2): And the Plagiarism Continues…

Reviewing David Childress’s “Technology of the Gods” (Pt. 3): Plagiarism AND Manipulated Quotes!

Reviewing David Childress’s “Technology of the Gods” (Pt. 4): He Didn’t Even Pretend to Write Chapter 7


Ancient Aliens and Pseudo-Academics

I invite you all to read Jason Colavito’s short post entitled, “Ancient Aliens and Credential Inflation.” Claiming false credentials is irritating to an academic, like myself (and as those who know me know, I have a healthy disdain for the snobbery of the academy — but I like lying even less). It’s just so disingenuous. The ancient astronaut crowd is infamous for criticizing mainstream scholars (just read the comments section of this blog!), and yet its most visible proponents want to pass themselves off as possessing graduate degrees and other credentials, the baptism of the mainstream. Pure hypocrisy, with intent to manipulate the audience.

Ancient Aliens Debunked: The Official Trailer

I’m guessing all PaleoBabble readers know about the Ancient Aliens series put out by the Fantasy Channel (still though of by many as the History Channel). I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be interviewed later this summer for the documentary film response, Ancient Aliens Debunked. If you visit the link you can sign up for email notification when the documentary is released. It will be FREE and viewable online. The trailer is below. The film is being produced by Chris White. Since the documentary will be free, all of the expense incurred by Chris is his own. This has been true of his online and YouTube ministry since its inception. Please visit his site to donate and help support this project!

A Case of Credential Envy?

I just read a short but telling post by Jason Colavito on the blog that bears his name entitled, “The Dubious Authorial Accomplishments of Gorgio Tsoukalos.” Gorgio is the star of  the cinematic tribute to non sequitur thinking known as Ancient Aliens. Jason examines Gorgio’s publication credentials which have been used (frequently) to promote the show and his expertise as one of its content sources. Those to whom things like credentials matter will want to have a look at it.

Ancient Aliens: Keeping the Fantasy Channel Afloat One Inane Episode at a Time

Fans of critical thinking are bound to enjoy this post over at the Bad Archaeology blog entitled, “I remember why I’ve never wanted satellite television.” It’s a “review” of the Fantasy Channel’s Ancient Aliens show. As funny as parts of it are, I especially liked the tag line of the blog on which I found the link (Archaeoblog):  Ancient Aliens: Watching It So You Don’t Have To.