The Google Earth Atlantis Conspiracy

Two years ago I blogged about alleged “structures” detected under the waters of the Caribbean via Google earth. Naturally, the paleobabble lobe in the brains of many people began throbbing away, directing them to the “truth” that Atlantis had been found. Fortunately for me, I had someone in one of the college classes I was teaching who knew something about imaging. She said right away that the “structures” were imaging quirks — something Google later proposed as well. I can now direct readers to this short post on the images from the Skeptophilia blog. Google re-imaged the areas and guess what? No structures.

Let the “cover up” conspiracy-speak begin!

Caribbean Structures and Google Earth

A PaleoBabble reader (Wes) provided some Google Earth coordinates for the alleged undersea city structures I blogged about recently. I plugged in the coordinates and here are two images. Pretty interesting. I have no experience reading satellite photos, but the features are clear.

Here’s what you get with the coordinates:

Here’s a closeup: