Mummies and Other Dead Ancient Egyptians

As is my practice, I try to post things periodically that aren’t paleobabble. Sure, the archeo-bunk is fun and entertaining, but I need to do something useful now and again.

I recently came across two online resources for research on Egyptian mummies, courtesy of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Centre for Egyptological Studies (CESRAS; Moscow):

G. Elliot Smith, The Royal Mummies, Catalogue Général du Musée du Caire. 1912

  • This resource has an index where you can search for and find information on specific mummies (pharaohs and otherwise). For example, when we click on the index page for mummy # 61066 (Thutmose II) we are taken to the page(s) in Smith’s book discussing that mummy.
  • The same site also posted an update index here.

CESRAS also posted a brief online Directory of Ancient Egyptian Persons (mummy or not).


Howard Carter Missed the Aliens

Pretty cool news from the Griffith Institute at Oxford, a Mecca for Egyptology: They have digitized all of Howard Carter’s handwritten notes (3500 handwritten cards) taken about King Tut’s tomb and put them online. The online database also includes over 1000 photos.

I naturally wanted to find Carter’s notes about the two fetuses (er … alien babies) in Tut’s tomb. I had to email the Institute since I couldn’t find the stuff right away (wrong key words). Here is the Institute’s gracious and speedy response for you all — and click on the link to read Carter’s notes.1

Dear Dr Heiser,

Thank you for your email and the congratulations!

Our database is constructed around Howard Carter’s ‘hand list’ of
objects as an attempt to standardise names and descriptions;
consequently items are not always described in the terminology we use
today. If you search for ‘child’  or ‘mummy’ you will find the
information you’re looking for. The foetuses did not have their own
sarcophagi, only small coffins, inside a large box. If you’d rather
search on the object numbers, use Carter number 317 here: to find
information on the box, the coffins (317a & b) and the mummys (317 a(2)
& b(2)).

If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes

Griffith Institute
University of Oxford

So, Howard missed the alien presence in Tut’t tomb. What a bummer.

  1. I should mention in one he has a question mark at the description of the infant child — but he wasn’t debating if it was an alien — other cards have him clearly referring to the contents as a child — his question was about whether it died naturally.