Part 1 of My Interview on the Exposing PseudoAstronomy Podcast

A few weeks ago astronomer Stuart Robbins interviewed me for his informative Exposing PseudoAstronomy podcast. Here is Part 1 of that interview. I’ll let you all know when Part 2 appears. The topic was the bogus use of ancient texts by Zecharia Sitchin and others to support their pseudo-astronomy.

Zecharia Sitchin’s Planet X PaleoBabble

Astronomer Stuart Robbins has made a considerable effort in his PseudoAstronomy podcast to tell the truth about how real astronomy does not jive with the astronomical quackery of Zecharia Sitchin. I was recently interviewed by Stuart for his podcast (those episodes have not been posted yet), but as  a prelude to those, I thought I’d post links to his series on Sitchin’s astronomical claims and their refutation. I’d posted some of Stuart’s work over at UFO Religions, but posting the episode series in which mine will be a part seems like a good lead-up to when my interviews go online in early January.

December 21: We’re All Still Here

I never got to the *real* debunking of the 2012 nonsense last night on Coast to Coast AM. All that “galactic alignment” and “Planet X” stuff is utter hogwash, as everyone now knows (and anyone thinking clearly new long ago).  But in any event, here’s a short set of links to recommended astronomical sites for debunking the craziness:

Exposing Pseudo-Astronomy podcast:

2012 site

Bad Astronomy

The Planet X Fraud

In case you haven’t heard of “Planet X,” it’s a notorious piece on Paleobabble that was derived from Zecharia Sitchin’s 12th planet Nibiru nonsense. However, Planet X has since taken on a (fake) life of its own, so that the idea cannot be equated with Sitchin’s ancient astronaut fairy tales. It’s since been married to the Mayan 2012 buffoonery and other conspiracy thinking about astronomy.

I’d encourage all readers to check out the Pseudo-Astronomy podcast for its series (now five parts) on “The Fake Story of Planet X.”  Good stuff.

Nibiru Nonsense Finally Gets Some Mainstream Attention

Here’s a link to a pretty lengthy piece by a science writer for Discovery News (“Nibiru: Imaginary Planet Blamed for Earth’s Woes“). It’s well worth the read. The writer calls the Nibiru notion what it is: pseudo-science largely based on a chick channeling aliens. Got to love that! (I wish the article had linked to my own nibiru page, though).

Zecharia Sitchin’s Astronomy Debunked

There are a number of good critiques on the web showing the flaws in Sitchin’s discussion of astronomy from the Sumerian and Mesopotamian texts. Here are a few:

Chris Siren’s page

Ian Lawton’s analysis

Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy website deals with “Planet X

My own contribution to this subject was previously blogged. But here are links to my short paper on Nibiru (it isn’t a 12th planet) and Cylinder Seal VA243 (which doesn’t show a 12th planet). These files are old (written before I finished my doctorate) but still useful.