Ancient Neolithic Tunnels: No Aliens Needed

You just have to check out this fascinating article: “Massive European network of Stone Age tunnels that weaves from Scotland to Turkey.” Really cool.

If you’ve ever visited underground caverns (or ridden a subway), you know that getting from Point A to Point B underground (hence, without the stars, sun, or landmarks for assistance)¬†over any meaningful distance requires planning and intelligence. This is yet¬†another telling find documenting the intelligence and applied aptitude of ancient humans. Sure, prehistoric people weren’t using electricity or computers, but they weren’t sitting on their duffs waiting for star visitors to solve their problems, either.

Alien Dentists

Who will be the first ancient alien drone to claim that this report of a dental filling from 6,500 years ago speaks of alien influence? I wonder. Maybe the History Channel can start a new spin-off series. Giorgio! Giorgio! Wherefore art thou, Giorgio?

More to the point. This is yet another illustration of how we underestimate ancient people.

And for the conspiratorially-minded . . . this tooth is an “out of place artifact” that got attention from the mainstream (it’s hardly alone). Better read about is soon before the goons from the Smithsonian “anomalous artifact retrieval squad” move in to scoop this up so they can store it right next to all those North American giant skeletons they snatched up in the late 19th century.

Aliens Visited Ancient Wales? Nope

Archaeologists working in southwest wales have discovered an ancient prehistoric star map (scroll down at link). I’m sure this will leave the ancient astronaut community breathless with more tales of ancient alien technology transfer. For those of us who think more clearly, it’s actually a good teaching point.

How do I know this wasn’t alien knowledge? Simple. Here’s the part of the article that makes it clear:

Following the complete exposure of the capstone through excavation, it is now considered by several astronomers that the distribution of the cupmarks may represent a section of the night sky that includes the star constellations of Cassiopeia, Orion, Sirius and of course the North Star.

The point of clarity is the constellations. This standing stone is recording naked eye astronomy. And that’s basically always the case with artifacts used by ancient astronaut theorists with respect to “advanced ET knowledge” presumably given to humans in prehistoric or ancient times. They had eyes and used them. Instead of reality TV, they were glued to the heavens. It’s impressive, but it isn’t mysterious.